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Powerful processors, high mega-pixel cameras, stunning Operating Systems and apps may be some of the leading features that make the modern Smartphones successful. However, none of these features would be worth without having a high-resolution and bright touchscreen. While all other features have their own role to play in the current Smartphone revolution, a modern cell phone cannot do without touch screen. Sollensys is one of the leading touch screen manufacturers from South Korea, which is the hub of electronic technologies in use today.

There are over 4 billion cell phone users in the world and more than 80% of use phones with touch screens. Sollensys offers capacitive touch sensor technology developed by an experienced team comprising of touch sensor designing professionals them different countries including the United States in addition to its semiconductor process specialists. The quality that the company delivers can be judged from the fact that their production yield is over 95% because they use state of the art manufacturing equipment.


Sollensys offers products starting from G0 version and going high in terms of higher performance including G1, G2, G3 and G4 capacitive touch sensor modules. The G1 PET capacitive touch sensors are designed for application on a wide range of products in different sizes. The G2 offers high-end capacitive touch screen sensors that can be applied in a wide range of designs with hybrid sensor structure that features toughened glass lens cover.

In addition, Sollensys is also offering some special products including their 20-inch plus multi-touch information panel, 7 to 10-inch multi-touch touch menu, 7 to 10-inch multi-touch medical chart and multi-touch remote control.

Sollensys is the leading provider of touch screen solutions to a large number of mobile device makers including T-Smart and KPT Company. With its industry expertise and years of deep-rooted knowledge in capacitive touch sensor and semiconductor technology behind it, the company is foraying into catching new markets. The company has the specialty of taking its manufacturing processes to new levels and innovations at the hands of its engineers. It is because of this constant innovation in manufacturing that Sollensys has been able to produce touch sensor modules for the leading mobile device manufacturers around the world.

Sollensys provides customized product development to help mobile device manufacturers find the complete touch sense solution for their needs. The company strives to take the capacitive touch industry to the next level by introducing new technologies and materials.

Interested companies can visit the Sollensys website at and explore the range of touch screen products on offer. The company’s website gives insight into the technologies they are developing and the organization of their business. In addition, the company also offers technology consulting for mobile device businesses.

For a closer inspection of their manufacturing facilities and technologies, one can also check their video at The video also sheds light on what the leading investors in Sollensys think about the company and the industry. The company is also the regular recipient of government grants and support from local communities because of its high level of efficiency and provision of jobs to communities.

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