Download Spice Mobile Handset Manager Software, Modem Drivers & PC Suite Free

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Spice mobile phone company has introduced an array of mobile phones to Indian market, from small range phones to high end smartphones. It shortly captured a decent market share by launching mobile handsets with more features and at an affordable prices. If you are a Spice mobile handset owner (me too 😉 ), then you must have got a PC suite CD along with a handset manager software and modem drivers for Windows with the mobile handset.

Spice Mobile

Not all Spice mobile phones can be connected to PC and hence here is the list of all supported handsets for the following software packs:

Modem Drivers: M940n, S940, D88 Gold, S930, D90, S820, X1, S710, D88n, S650, S9, S570, S1000, D88, S920n, D80, S909, S900, S8, S808n, S808, S800, S700, S640, S600, S600n, S555, S7, S707, D5555 and G6500

Handset Manager Software: S707, C810, D88, D88 Gold, D88n, D80, D90, D1111, D6666, M940n, S7, S8, S9, S900, S909, S920n, S930, S940, S6005, X1, D88n, M6060, D1100, S1000, M940 Gold, M6000, QT66, M7070 and M6464

Microsoft ActiveSync: S1000

Spice Mobile Software

Download Spice Mobile PC Suite, Modem Drivers, Softwares

Using the handset manager software you can transfer files from PC to mobile or mobile to PC such as video files, music files, ringtones, wallpapers, contacts, and more.

Spice PC suite helps you in syncing your phone with a PC to take a backup copy of your phone data and restore old backup copies in case of any problem.

Spice modem driver installs all compatible softwares on your computer to experience smooth synchronization between your Spice mobile phone and the computer.

Spice mobile phone company has a special dedicated download page from where you can download all required softwares to make your mobile phone more customizable and productive.

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509 Comments to Download Spice Mobile Handset Manager Software, Modem Drivers & PC Suite Free

      • spice movile 5170 is not cunnet the sheem. but sheem is bast . i will cunnect the inter net suft ware is dilit . so iwill instal the sufware now days hand set is not cunnect any iwill reqst to you please send mee net work cunnect system suft ware.
        by air ganesh from nepal


      I want to connect my handset spice m940n to my computer so I want pc suite so that I could use INTERNET on my pc throuh mobile m940n.please send pc suite on my E MAIL.

      • pahalwan shah m. sayyad

        I want to connect my handset spice m-9000 to my computer so I want pc suite so that I could use INTERNET on my pc throuh mobile m9000.please send pc suite on my E MAIL … mobile. 09460766872

      • pahalwan shah m. sayyad

        I want to connect my handset spice m9000 to my computer so I want pc suite so that I could use INTERNET on my pc throuh mobile m9000 please send pc suite on my E MAIL.

        • dear,
          its a local cheap chinees mobile this problem face any spice mobile
          i am already in this problem spice (local mobile) with mi 720 tab no software come with
          box not avalable any where i contact direct company but no avalable in spice service
          so please sale this mobilr or purchage a brand mobile most populer is samsung
          every thing found easy

    • santosh pandit

      I want to connect my handset spice mi 350 to my computer so I want pc suite so that I could use INTERNET on my pc throuh mobile mi 350.please send pc suite on my E MAIL.

  1. send me spice d-80 drivers (my mobile can not recieved second sim signal how can i solve this problem)

  2. Sir

    I am having qt-55 spice mobile…

    I need pc suite for this model..

    Please send through my email.


    cheran s

  3. solid blogger guru

    You cant use your handset as a modem so you can't serve internet through your computer
    use only nokia,motorola,sony erricson mobile

  4. Hi ther….i m not able to find Modem Driver for S700 model…Pl send me the software if u have it..! thnks

  5. Karun ahuja

    air please send me Qt 55 set and please tell me how i can install adobe software in ande please send me pc suite if there is any

  6. sourav chandra

    spice mobili model QT-55 plese send me pc suite urgent on my email id. plese send me the softwear needed for my aforesid model i.e spice QT-55 model.

    • Hi monika my self anand. I’ve the same ph nd also don’t get the pc suite if u find it could u plz provide me where u got it. Monika if u don’t mind plz tell me throgh my cell no +919991077570 Thanx


    i want pc suite of qt-44 as early as possible………..

    w88ing for a good reply………..



  9. hi……i have spice 710 ….but when i insert my sim into mobile it give message insert

    sim………….all other sim are working properly….

    what i have to do….any suggestion

    plz tell me on my id

  10. abi adhikari

    please send full version pc suit and modem driver of spice mobile D-5555. I want to run internet in my pc from CDMA sim through my mobile.

  11. i m unble to connect my m6464 with the pc so i need a modem driver of it to connect with pc

    • Basharat

      Hi dinesh i am using the same spice set what you are having . you have got a cd at the time of buying mobile . pc suite is there .it is working wit all windows might except win 7 .so install it . Ok

  12. Dheeraj kr singh

    i have spice d-88n mobile handset but i have not it's pc suite software so that i cannot can't connect my spice phone to pc. send me plz pc suite and modem driver for my spice mobile D-88n.

  13. Biju K Baruah

    I m using spice qt66 handset. i donnot have modem driver of this set and so cannot connect to internet in my pc. pls send me the modem driver.

  14. hello all ..I m using Spice mobile qt-66..i need phone lock software ..nobody access my mobile without password..plzz call me 9988406635 if someone have software…its urgent

  15. we need spice d88 mobile pc suite freedownload software full version..pls do send the software if u can..thanking u..

  16. dear sir

    I have spice m940 , and i want to use internet though it so kindly send all the stuff

    related to this mobile like modem driver, pc suite , spice manager,…

    kindly do the needful …



  17. i need pc suit for my spice QT 44, please send it to me in my mail, can i use this mobile for internet or not.

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