Stay Updated with Windows 8 Live Tile on Metro Start Screen

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The new Windows 8 OS doesn’t include start menu any more or you can say it is replaced by live style metro start screen. Since the launch of Windows 8, the metro start screen has fascinated many users. It gives a new refreshing look to the new OS and with live tiles you can get all live updates every time you log in your computer. The Live tile is the most interesting feature added to start screen, which enables you to get interactive updates or stay updated with Windows 8 live tile. Here is the tutorial how to use Live Tiles in Windows tile use windows 8

The metro screen allows you to launch any programs or Apps with a click/tap on the tile. With Live tiles added to your metro style start screen you can get the real time information displayed on your Metro screen. Using Windows 8, you can utilize the Live tiles and get the updated as soon as you are connected to Internet on logon. For example, news, weather, YouTube videos and many more on your start screen.

Here is how you can use Live Tiles in Windows 8

When you Switch On your computer and get to Windows 8 Modern metro UI. You can see different tiles pinned on your metro start screen, not all app or program or service pinned on UI is a live tile. A live tile is the one which specifically shows real time information and provides interactive information on your start screen itself. For instance, if you have set news site as your live tile you get all the latest daily headlines or if it’s a weather tile, you can get the local weather or whatever city or place you choose.

Right-click on a live tile, you get to see the options to turn the live tile feature off. If it seems that the live tile features is slowing down your Windows 8 performance or you simply dislike the live tile feature, then you can hit the “Turn live tile off” button at the bottom menu on the screen.

live tile windows 8

live tile toolbar

But, when right-click on any other tile pinned on your start screen, you get various other options. This indicates that it is not a live one, as you’re not given the options to interact with it.

non live tile windows 8

Whenever you right-click on a tile, whether it is a live or not, you get a toolbar at the bottom of the screen, from there you can click All apps button

all apps windows 8

It is where you can open up or get all the potential options to add any tile to your metro screen. Once you add the live tiles to your start screen, you can utilize the additional information that comes handy with it.

In the screen shot given here, you can see a couple of live tiles functioning. One is weather app, showing the current temperature. The other is the Netflix app which shows what we’re currently watching with it.

Enabling Live tiles makes your experience more interactive. You get all the latest updates in front of you upon logon. With the metro start screen, you can take advantage of all the live tiles and Apps and stay updated on Windows 8.


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