Stream Media from Android Phone to XBOX 360 & PlayStation 3

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Now you can instantly share media across various media devices. iMediaShare lets you  set up your iPhone and/or iPod Touch as a “server” that will allow you to view photos from your device directly from your PS3 or Xbox 360. Streaming takes place via Wi-Fi network and you need to have Wi-Fi network setup between your Wi-Fi Router and XBOX 360/PS3. You also need to connect your Android device to same WiFi network.

Procedure to stream Media from Android phone to XBOX 360/PlayStation 3:

1) First install iMediaShare app on your Android phone.

2) After launching the app, you will see WiFi connectivity. Make sure the Sharing service is switched ON.

3) Now go to Menu –> Settings. Your android device will become server and ready for streaming media. Here you can customize Server Name, which will be shown in XBOX 360/PS3/TV.

4) Now click on “My Phone” icon and add photos and music for streaming.

5) Let the app run in Android phone. Don’t click on return button.

6) Now switch ON your XBOX 360 or PS3 and make sure its connected to same WiFi network as your android device.

7) In XBOX 360, go to “Picture Library”, where you can find your android phone’s iMediaShare server.

8) Now you can see all the photos that you added for sharing in iMediaShare of your android phone.

That’s it now you’re completed. If you want to listen music, then go to “Music Library” from your XBOX 360 and select the Android phone. From Android phone, you can directly listen to streamed music on XBOX 360.


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