Guest Posts

We are open to guest posts, however, submitting a guest post does not guarantee it’s approval and publication. If you are planning to write a guest post for us, please make sure that you and your post follows the below 10 points.

1. No Grammatical Errors: No one will like to read a post full of grammatical errors. One or two errors is manageable (we will take care of that before publication), but continuous spelling mistakes and punctuation mistakes will force us to reject your post.

2. No Duplicate Content: We have a large database of articles. We encourage you to use our search feature to see if we have already published something that is very similar to your guest post. If similar articles are there, we might won’t accept your guest post.

3. No Promotions: You may not review any specific product, service, or website, managed by you or any third party. We don’t accept guest posts that are written just to promote something.

4. Relevant Images: All our articles carry relevant images, and we expect your guest post to have relevant images. If it’s a tutorial use relevant screenshots.

5. Proper Formatting: Make sure that you format your article well so that our editors don’t have to invest much time in re-formatting your guest post. We advise using the following formats:

<h3> – For subheadings

<strong> – Highlight important points

<italic> and <underline> – Stress something important

6. No Useless HTML tags: We have an interface to write your guest post below. Please avoid using MS Word or similar tools to write your post, else you will end up having unnecessary HTML tags such as <div> and <span>. Make sure that you have not added any such tags.

7. Minimum Word Count: How would our readers benefit if you don’t write an article with at least 500 words? The more word you put in, the more you will be able to explain things and make your guest post stand out.

8. Share on Social Media: Normally all guest authors do this as a token of appreciation. This also helps your article in getting popular. We will of course share your post on our social media platforms, but we also expect you to do the same.

9. Reply to Comments: Since you have written the post, you will be the best person to interact with commentators. We expect you to participate in conversations through our comment section.

10. Author Bio: Please add your author bio only at the bottom of the post. We allow guest authors to have only one DoFollow backlink from each guest post. We don’t accept keyword anchor texts such as “Make Money Online”, “Samsung Mobile Reviews”, “Blogging Tips”, etc. It’s better to use generic keywords such as your blog name, or your name as anchor texts. Generic anchor texts does not look spammy and makes your guest post look professional. Recent change in Google algo also recommends to have generic keywords as anchor texts.

An idea guest author bio should look like this: “This is a guest post written by Alex Morrison. Alex is a blogger who blogs on Blog Name and covers topics related to gadgets, softwares, and Apple.

You can use the following interface to write down your post and submit to us for publication. If we plan to publish your post, we will shoot you an email with the exact date of publication. We will also let you know if we don’t approve your post. All communications from our side will be done within 7 days of your post submission, usually within 2-3 days.

Send your guest posts to [at] gmail [dot] com