What are the Symptoms of Motherboard Problems on a Computer?

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Every hardware unit on a computer depends upon the motherboard. Any kind of problem be it BsoD or RAM failure or overheating, etc. may be caused either due to hardware failure or due to software issue. Motherboard is an essential unit of computer after CPU. If CPU is the brain, then Motherboard is the control unit of a computer. Sometimes we wonder how to diagnose that Motherboard is at risk. Here is the tutorial to figure out the Motherboard related problems on a Computer.

symptoms motherboard failure

Failure of motherboard means the ultimate death of your computer. It connects every component and units together starting from the power supply to the printer. If the motherboard of your computer has encountered any kind of problem or there are signs of a malfunctioning or failing motherboard, then it must be repaired as soon as you can to avoid other problems related to it.

Symptoms relating to Motherboard Problems

Malfunctioning of Hardware Unit

Every unit connected to Motherboard, be it RAM, USB ports, drives, etc. tends to fail with the motherboard failure as it begins to lose proper control over them. But, before blaming it on motherboard try replacing the failed components. If this doesn’t work then the motherboard is on the verge of failing.

Monitor Display Issue

Pixelated images or a continuous line appearing on the screen, color change, etc. are the sign of failed motherboard. But, display problems don’t always point to a failing motherboard. First, sort out the real causes behind the issue then conclude over a failed motherboard.

Frequent Beeping Noise

Upon powering of computer, it performs a series of self-diagnostic tests to check whether the various components are functioning properly or not. If it detects failure of any unit then it beeps continuously to warn you about the risk that is likely to be encountered very soon. If everything appears to be fine then it gives a single beep or two beeps in rapid succession to assure that everything checks out. If the fault lies on the motherboard, then single of double beep will be replaced by a series of beeps. The beeping pattern varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Fail to Power On

Quite common sign of a failing motherboard is the computer refusal to power on. The PSU of a computer or the electric surge within the PC can also be the culprit behind this. Check for the PSU, and then blame the Motherboard.

The other signs of a failed motherboard is overheating, BSoD, noisy computer, etc


If you find out that the motherboard inside the desktop is on the verge of failing, then replace the motherboard as soon as a possible before the problem becomes evident or to avoid the sudden death of your computer. Replacement is quite better than repairing it as it almost costs the same as replacement.

Open the computer if only you have a sound knowledge about the hardware units or else consult a computer expert to deal with it. On replacing the motherboard your computer will function properly as before.

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  1. when I start up my computer, system and cpu fans and all leds start and after 2-3 seconds my computer turns off itself and system fans and leds stops.
    what is the problem? can you tell me?
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