T-Mobile joins Verizon in supporting Samsung against Apple

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According to overseas media news, T-Mobile has added support for the U.S. consumer electronics monster Samsung. The ranks of Verizon, they will toil jointly with Apple’s squabble. Few days ago Apple filed court papers for banning few Samsung devices from market such as Galaxy Tab 10.1, Droid Charge, Infuse and Galaxy S 4G. Samsung T-Mobile support the reasons for the similarities with Verizon last week, that is the relevant departments do not want the U.S. to limit the Christmas selling season, sales of 4G equipment in the country.

t-mobile joins verizon in supporting samsung against apple

T-Mobile argument is same as Verizon’s. Both the companies don’t want to see ban of their best-selling in the market during Christmas season. It is obvious that the huge loss will occur for the carriers and who generate a big amount of revenue from this year.

FOSS Patents put light on this issue:

“In my report on Verizon’s letter I already said that Verizon’s formal limitation of its argument to the one software patent asserted by Apple wasn’t credible. T-Mobile is forthright about its opposition to an injunction on any ground, whether based on the software patent or any or all of the three asserted design patents.”

Nevertheless, patent expert Florian Mueller said that T-Mobile and Verizon are somewhat in different spot, not restricted to Apple’s software patent rights. T-Mobile for the ban so that all features are very unpleasant, such as software copyrights or other or three design copyrights. But it was complicated to clarify why T-Mobile build this judgment now, because after all Apple is in this year filed court case on July 1 for the ban and action. Apple has asked the judge to issue an embargo that would avert Samsung from selling some Galaxy products. A hearing on the ban request is scheduled for Oct. 13.

The news is very good for Samsung. On Tuesday, Samsung declared the establishment of cross-licensing deal with Microsoft, but Samsung will pay the Android mobile device version of the fee. Any ways Mueller noted that Microsoft tie-up will not facilitate Samsung in its fight with Apple, which is an entirely separate case.


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