20+ Useful Facebook Tips you should know

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Here is a very good stuff that is going to help the Facebook addicts a lot. Suppose, that you are always engaged in surfing Facebook or else you are a frequent user of Facebook then you must be quite familiar with almost all it provided such as the add/delete friends feature, like options, status update, walls, profile, add pages, explore pages, applications development and lots more but still you’re quite unaware with some of the more interesting as well as useful tips and tricks. So, in this article we have let you the information on the various attractive ways which are handy in nature and with the help of those you can beautify and improve your Facebook page. So here are the 20 Facebook Tips & Tricks you might not know but you should know. Hope you’ll love reading it.


How can you Place Facebook Chat on the Firefox Sidebar?

If you are a user of Firefox, then at the sidebar you can put the Facebook Chat.

facebook firefox sidebar

How can you Download Facebook Photo Albums?

The thing that is going to help you is the Facebook Photo Album Downloader (FacePAD) that facilitates you to download the facebook albums, Group Albums, Events albums belonging to your friend and mess with click of a button.


How can you Share Flickr Photos to your Facebook?

The Flickr2Facebook which is an unauthorized Flickr to Facebook uploader will facilitate you to upload photos from Flickr to Facebook.


How can you Update Facebook without Using Facebook?

There are a couple of things that is going to help you are the hellotxt and the Ping.fm. Both of the features are those allow the Facebook administrators to bring up to date to the Facebook Pages.


How can the Facebook Messages be scheduled?

It is the ‘Sendible’ which will facilitate you to schedule Facebook messages in advance of time so that you will be able to send messages to your loved ones as well as your friends, colleagues that too at your desired time.


How can you make a new “Friend” on Facebook and hide it from your status updates?

You can find a kind of short tutorial on Makeuseof which will take you on the right track so that you can hide Facebook status updates and can even keep that fact cramped to your closer friends only.

hide status

How can you create a Photo Collage by using the Pictures of your friends in Facebook?

You can go for a click on the Friends tab and later on you can carry on to more tabs. You have to do as from “Choose an option” dropdown, select any of the dashes “—” and after that your Facebook friends collection appears right on your screen.

photo collage

How can you display some selected pictures only on your Facebook Profile Page?

This feature is rarely known in Facebook but is a good one as it facilitates you judge that who all can be showed in the Friends box. What you need to do is you can click on the “edit” reach your Friends box and after that the names of your much-loved friends in the box which lets a note that “Always show these friends”. Get it.


How can you take away Facebook Advertisements?

You can remove the advertisements on you facebook through the Greasemonkey script for Facebook. This Facebook cleaner will eradicate most of the ads and updates which necessarily appear on your Facebook pages and irritates you.


How can you set Photos of Facebook Friends with the Contacts in Microsoft Outlook?

Here, in this case you can go for the OutSync which is a Windows application available for free and it syncs photos of your Facebook friends along with the identical contacts in Microsoft Outlook. This app facilitates you to choose about which contacts are updated so that you can update the entire contacts in a single time or can even add a few of it at a time.


How can the Facebook Status get displayed on the WordPress Blog?

You can look at this way as well can follow it with the use of Facebook status feed and WordPress RSS widget in order to display Facebook Status on the WordPress blog. This trick also will work for the self hosted WordPress blogs. You can follow the below shown steps:

steps to follow

How can you post your Blog Posts to your Facebook wall automatically?

Here is a tool known as ‘Wordbook’ and it will allow you to post the articles in your blog posts to your Facebook Wall. The Facebook “Boxes” tab in your profile will display the fresh articles of your blog.


How can you have an access to Facebook Chat on Desktop?

With the use of ‘Gabtastik’ & ‘digsby’ you be allowed to remain Facebook chat open on your Windows desktop by keeping separate to your usual web browser that too with the utilization of a very less screen real estate and system memory.


How can you create a Quiz on your Facebook with some easy tricks?

Come get introduced with a quiz creator app named as ‘LOLapps’. You can be used in work to call up the most famous personality quizzes which are broadly known in Facebook.


How can you hide your online status on Facebook Chat from Select Contacts?

On your Facebook page you can find included friend list with Chat and along with this you can also select that which of the members in the list will be able to see that you online.


How can you get Facebook updates on Email?

You must have heard about NutshellMail and if not then you must known that it merge your Facebook accounts through the inbox which is frequently in your use.


How can you update Facebook Status from Firefox?

You can use a status update utility which is meant for multiple social networks that includes FaceBook and it is known as FireStatus.


How can you have Facebook on your Desktop?

You can have a glance at some of the desktop applications such as Xobni, Facebook Sidebar Gadget, Seesmic Desktop, Facebooker, Scrapboy and Facebook AIR application and these apps will facilitate you to intermingle with your stream as you would have done on Facebook but without the browser.

desktop apps

Use Facebook Insights

With the use of Facebook Insights you will be facilitated to make your self analytic dashboard which is build into every Facebook page. In fact it is a plugin which allows you to know about how the users are appealing to the website along with its content, sharing on Facebook as well as the referrals traffic which are sent by Facebook to the website.

facebook insights

How to have Facebook in a Twitter style?

Many of the peoples are Twitter addicted and if those users desire to beautify there Facebook page in a Twitter style then this grease monkey script will allow you to have an access to it. It will hide certain parts of your new Facebook home page in order to develop it with a cleaner and mimic Twitter view. Apart from these it also hides the wicked highlights in the column. By doing all this it just changes the background of this new interface with a complete Twitter look.

fb as twitter

I hope that most of these ways are quite known to the frequent Facebook users and if not then you must have enjoyed it. These are some really useful tips to enhance the usability of your Facebook page and get more acquainted with the various features of Facebook.

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