8 iPhone Tips you Should Know

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If you own a iPhone then you must be enjoying its advantages but you must also be having some of the problems linked to your iPhone which you need to sort out. Isn’t it! There are many type of problems which acts as the hurdles in your way like using your own ringtones, contacts organizing,  sending long video clip, etc. Discussed below are some of the tips which is going to solve your problems related to the iPhone access. You can read the article ahead to have the detail information.

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Precautions to be taken while you lose your iPhone – Bring up the setting of your iPhone, and then go to general options and after that go to pass code Lock and turn on the pass code. Choose the option to wipe out the phone after ten unsuccessful attempts if you are thinking that your phone may get missing or stolen. There is also another way to erase your phone memory by log in into Apple’s free find my phone service, which uses GPS for locating your device. After that, you can erase by sending a message to your phone using your apple ID.

You can use your own ringtones on your iPhone – If you want to use your own ringtone for your iPhone, then download MakeiPhoneRingtone app from here. This app converts any audio file to iPhone compatible ringtone. Otherwise install Ringtonium from the iOS store and use any audio for your iPhone ringtone.

Quickly get into your iPhone for a photo chance – There is a feature in iOS 5 that you can easily access only the camera from the lock screen. Swipe the unlock slider to the upward direction, and then it will open camera where you can take photographs and videos. However, it will not allow to access the other part of the phone, only you can see the pictures, which you have just clicked.

Organize your contacts in your way – Go to the settings of your iPhone then go to the contact section. There you can arrange the contacts by sorting them in alphabetically by first name or last name and also by clicking the individual contacts, you can click edit and add more data like assigning a particular ringtone or notification tone, picture of that person etc.

If you accidentally delete the music your bought from iTunes – Go to the iTunes then click the purchase tab then go to the music list and there you will find a list of all the songs you have purchased with your Apple ID. From those lists, you can download again to your phone for free as many times you want. The same tricks are also applicable for movies and TV series.

Text a long video clip to anyone – You cannot send a large video file to someone through the MMS because there has some time limit. If the video is too long, then the phone will give you the option to choosing the part of the video, which you want to send through the message. Otherwise, you can split the video in to small clips and send them over several messages otherwise email that video.

Now you can check email while you are on a call – iPhones do not allow to use both voice signal and data simultaneously over a cellular connection, but you can do that if you are using Wi-Fi network. In the time of calling use headset and speakerphone, if you want to check the emails then press home button. By pressing the home button, it will take your phone app to background, and then you can check your email and messages while speaking. If you want to go back your phone call app then tap the green bar at the top, it will again go back to the phone call app.

Restrict your kids to buy stuffs on iTunes without permission – If your kids are buying stuff without your permission then you can restrict them by changing your phone settings. Go to your phone settings then go to general there is an option called restriction and turn on enable restrictions. Here you can allow or restrict the installation or deletion of apps. It will help you to protect your phone from unauthorized access.

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