Tips to Boost Wireless Internet Connectivity

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Wi-Fi or Wireless Internet connectivity has increased its popularity as many computer users prefer Wi-Fi over wired connection. It is because you can access Internet anywhere within the Range of its signal. Nowadays, all gadgets come installed with wireless network adapters for convenience. Despite of all its merits sometimes it is really frustrating when the signal strength starts falling or is weak. Here is the tutorial providing you tips to improve Wi-Fi Internet connectivity.

boost wi-fi connectivity

It really make you pull your hair when you are busy with work and suddenly come to see that the Wi-Fi signal is weak or has died out or say you are sending an important file and the signal fades out. The work remains pending leading to waste of time. Here are some tips to boost your Wi-Fi connectivity.

Reduce Wireless Signal Interference

The Wi-Fi router wavelength or the operating frequency are similar to the wavelengths of devices such as Microwave ovens, garage door openers, and baby monitors which work at the same frequency as wireless technology causing a traffic or interference. To boost the strength, turn off the devices while using wireless connectivity. There are some Apps which can easily identify the Wi-Fi interference around you.

Radio channels use the same channel as that of the Wireless router, which can cause interference. So, change the router channel to improve the strength. Your computer will detect the new channel and possibly work better.

Nearness to the router

The signal strength increases with the nearness to the router. Move the Wireless router to central position of your house. The signal will be weaker if the router is against the wall. Try putting the router on a high shelf if the whole building is using the Wi-Fi connection. You can use software named HeatMapper to see where the signal is stronger and place the router accordingly.

Upgrade to 802.11n

At earlier times, Wireless-G, or 802.11g, used to be the most common kind of wireless network, but wireless-N can be twice as fast with better efficacy. Try upgrading your router to to 802.11n.

Update Wireless Drivers

The outdated drivers can cause problems like slow connection, interruptions, etc. To eradicate this issue, try updating the wireless drivers on your system to enhance the Wi-Fi connection. Make sure to use the latest Wireless technologies to enhance the Wireless connectivity.

Use Reflector behind your Router

As you might know that routers have omnidirectional antennas that emit signals in every direction. If your router has to be kept near a wall, then you can put a reflector behind the router. You can simply use an Aluminium foil as a reflector.

You can also add a new wireless adapter in case your computer is older or replace the router antenna with a high-gain antenna, this will help you strengthen the signal. In addition to this you can use a Wi-Fi Range Extender to improve the Wi-Fi signal.

Tips to improve the Wi-Fi or wireless connectivity are described above. Upon following them you can see that your Wireless connection works twice as fast as it has been working.


Priyanka contributes to the Computer and Gadgets section on Techcular.

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