15+ Tips & Tricks that boosts up your Online Shopping Experience

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Most of the people among us love to shop from the Online Stores and which becomes a frequent behavior too and you know what is the reason behind it? And the cause is the availability and the flair of the online deals, coupons, and promotions which you can see in most of the Web Sites. Now the matter arises here that is it possible to keep up with the tit bits and even is it feasible to get the product prices compared with thousands of other online retailers! No, It is just impossible and who has the time to find out information and research in all these? The people are very much busy in there routine life and some how they manage to come out of there work for a little time to make them shop online.

Here are something new things to try out. Do you know that if you rely on some shopping tools then it will be profitable for you. We have listed some of the most excellent online tools which gets available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, and Opera. And these tools not only saves a lot of money but also helps you to become a smart shopper and along with these it also will save you a lot of time as they’ll be doing all the searching and price comparisons related works for you. So, come have a look at some impressive tips and tricks.

online shopping

Chrome Extensions

Add to Amazon Wish List: Do you carry an Amazon account? If yes, then you must have added some of the items to your wish list. This expansion and additional tool provide you the facility to add products from any of the website which is not just confined up to Amazon.com and the products you desire can be added to your Amazon wish list. It will get easier in your part to track items that you need to buy from anywhere on the Web that too with from a single site. Apart from these this special tool also exists for Safari which comes under the Shopping category and the availability for Firefox as a toolbar and button .

amazon wish list add

InvisibleHand: The InvisibleHand is one of the most helpful tools that list the entire low price things which you will be currently viewing. If incase you are viewing a particular product on Amazon then the InvisibleHand tool will alert you with an information that if the specific product gets available with a cheaper price on some of the other retailer site or not. This tool chains over 200 retailers belonging from the US, UK, and Germany. You can say that it is just great for the products and do you know what? It also shows you the info of the flights having cheap fares from the different travel sites. This useful tool is also available for Firefox and Safari that comes under the Shopping category.

invisible hand

eBay Extension for Google Chrome: Most of the people miss out on eBay sale for the reason that they weren’t able to hang about on top of it. In that case the eBay Extension for Google Chrome is going to be a helpful one for you as with the help of this extension you can keep the track record of the various objects that you are willing to sell and can even order some of the items. This way you can keep up with the daily deals. This tool provides you a secured account signing and it also lets you to have the orders on active items with save searches. It also makes you to keep up with the saved sellers. The Firefox and Safari are also attached to this tool.

ebay extension for google chrome

PriceBlink: The PriceBlink tool is somehow similar to the previous discussed InvisibleHand tool. The difference is that the previous one shows you all the products with lowest price that you’re viewing but the present one supports over 3,000 merchants and along with this it also provides you the coupon codes with the shipping codes which can be also useful in the case of the retailer you’re currently on. This tool benefits you in many ways as it saves more money on each of your purchase and for several products it even shows the user ratings so that you can choose the top products. You can find this tool available also for Firefox and Safari under the Shopping category.

price blink

Shopping Buddy (by Google): This tool shows the various ratings of stores which you are currently visiting straight in the omnibar. The users of this tool by just clicking on the rating icon can read the reviews of the products too. This extension is going to help you in the case when you are worried about how reliable a retailer is! In addition, it will show a notification banner that’ll let you to know if the retailer you’re on is offering any type of discounts for using Google Checkout. Along with these you’ll be able to visualize the entire information related to the promotion that too with the least purchase necessities.

shopping buddy

Craigslist Preview: A frequent Craigslist user only knows that how irritating it is to have a click on each ad to see the images that are integrated. So, with the help of this extension you will be able to see the pictures found on the search results page. This extension results in save of you time and even the number of clicks as while shopping on the Craigslist all the pictures can be scanned through at one that too very quickly. Some of the similar Craigslist shopping tools are such as Craigslist Peek (available for Firefox), Craigslist Fancy Preview and Craigslist Image Preview.

craigslist preview

Craigslist Helper: Some of the visitors also search more than just image previews on Craigslist as like the extension discussed above. And if you are among them then you are really going to enjoy it (Craigslist Helper). It is a vital tool for shopping on Craigslist that too with the accordance of a number of features such as the previews & Image thumbnails, the previews of ad with the facility that it shows the ad text without having to click-through, it also features with the alerts through the desktop notifications and it is when a new ad goes with your another saves searches. In addition, it also features searching through the multiple cities at the same time; this tool also has the ability to add notes to the ads which is a good one to maintain a record of communication efforts and the rest of the other related information. This tool pays no attention to the ads by ignoring it and even covers up the ads by hiding it so that it becomes invisible for you. Besides, it also features the Blacklist ads that include the specific keywords. This tool is also facilitated for the Firefox and Safari.

craigslist helper

The Camelizer: It a tool that allows you to track the changes of price which are found on the various online stores such as Amazon, Newegg, Best Buy, Flipkart and lots more others. This one helps you by figuring out if a price is good or not and these all gets by providing you the long-term price history of that particular product which you’re viewing. Some of the other related prices tracking tools are such as Ookong (Amazon Price History & More) (available for Safari) and PriceTrace (1-Click Price Comparison Shopping). This specific extension tool is also available for the Firefox.

the camelizer

Groolu: All the fans of shopping over there who have transactions with the sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial will love to deal with the Groolu as it gathers the coupons based on daily and hourly form available for the above listed sites along with the inclusion of Tippr, Dealster and Zozi. Apart from these it also reminds you while a new coupon gets available. After that the related details are also provided such as the seller details, image, deal name, percent off, and the sale price.


The Best Price: It’s an extension that adjoins a specific button to your browser which facilitates you to compare the prices in real-time that too automatically. It supports over 300 online stores and also lets you the information through the browser button in case it finds a cheaper price for the product that you are viewing. While you have a click on the browser button and unlock the window it will show you three distinctive color buttons such as Green, Blue & Orange. Green stands for the product found cheaper somewhere else, Blue one for the price remains the same on all the retailer stores and Orange is if the price of the device is higher on the other retailers. These three color badges can be used to quickly view whether you’ve got the best deal or not and this tool is also facilitated for the Safari.

the best price

Compass: It boost up your shopping experience as it serves you with a navigation menu on each and every product page. It is one of the most helpful one as it facilitates you to find out what you’re looking for at once that too within a few seconds. You don’t need to scroll through the entire page and this way it also saves your time. If at all you are not interested on the menu you can even hide it so that it becomes easier for you to stumble on what you are really concerned for. The Compass is the exact time saver one that saves your time for scrolling the pages. As like the previous ones this one is also available for Safari (Shopping category).

If at all you are not into the online shopping at present, then you should start it by now as you’ll be often served with the products having a much lower cost (Online) than the market. And it becomes easy for you if you find the lowest prices with an ad of a coupon code.


Firefox Add-ons

Boo.ly Shopping: This is an all-in-one tool that performs as a personal shopping assistant to you. With the help of these you can compare the various product prices, view special offers and deals and along with these you can also find coupons that results in saving your money on each of the purchases. This also is accessible in thousands of shopping sites and sections too such as Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. You’ll be visualize with a little shopping tag with the indication of a “b” on it and by clicking on it you’ll find a window that will provide more options and more significant information too. You can get this tool available for Chrome and IE.

booly shopping

WindowShopper: This tool serves you as an assistant by notifying you about the products with lower price which are found on the various retail sites. It supports over 130 million products having various categories. You just have to click the “See Similar” button found on any of your favorite online shopping sites to open the window of ‘Window Shopper’ which lets you a set of identical products. After that you can click on the stores that lead you to view all the other stores who are selling that specific item. It is one of those that saves your money and gets you a list of best price.

window shopper

PriceTrace: This tool is going to help you to compare the prices by checking out the price history and donating it to the price drop alerts for any of your desired item with a single click. Besides, it adds a toolbar to the Firefox which allows you to mark out any product on most of the retailer sites including Amazon, Walmart, Newegg, and Best Buy. In addition, this tool also works on the search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing. Apart from these you can even use the website to seek out for certain products and evaluate them by UPC, SKU, title, or URL. The availability of this tool is for Chrome and Safari (IE coming soon).


Ciuvo: It is a tool that facilitates you to catch the best deals as it provides you the appropriate related information immediately. With the use of this tool you’ll not only be served with the best prices but also it’ll present the related pictures, videos, customer reviews along with the availability of products in your local place. At present this tool only works for the retailers in the USA, Germany, and Austria and is available for Chrome, Safari and IE.


FreePriceAlerts: It is the tool that provides you the information about the price of a product which you are viewing at present is the best price or not. In case the price is best, there will be a green check mark that will be shown up at the top of the left corner of the screen and if the price is not the best one, it will let you the best price and the information about where it can be found online. Along with these you can also add items to your wish list and even can set some alerts of price so that at the moment any products hits your price range you’ll be informed through an email. This FreePriceAlerts tool is existing for Chrome, Safari, and IE.


I think the above group of tools are going to help you at the best. Apart from this it is also going to have a good choice with the save of money and time too. And if you are known to some of the other amazing ways of shopping then you can post your views to us through your feed backs.

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