Top Security Tools to Secure System from Infected USB Flash Drives

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Virus alertThe USB flash drives are widely and commonly used by almost all people around the globe as it is the most convenient way to transfer as well as carry data, information and files. I see people, especially the professional job holders, carrying an USB flash drive along with them wherever they go and most of them keep it hanging round their necks. I even see school children, I mean, the kids carrying Flash drives with them, maybe to collect information or exchange files or tutorial purposes, etc. As a matter of fact, some USB flash drives corrupt the systems to which they are connected and this is because they are infected with malicious viruses which affect the security of the system and get transferred during the transfer of files. Therefore, users – beware of virus and its corruption. Be careful to secure your flash drives from getting infected with viruses and hence prevent your systems. Well, listed and discussed below are the best 10 security tools to secure your computers from infected USB Flash Drives.


USB Disk Security

usb disk security

USB Disk Security is a software that grants security against many viruses which strive to attack systems through USB flash drives. This particular software conveys a very tight and tough protection and therefore keeps the system safe and sound. It prevents from the theft of confidential and secret files and it doesn’t not allow any other person to find out or steal your files, documents or any kind of data.

USB Threat Defender

usb threat defender

USB Threat Defender is the crucial Anti-Virus solution for USB flash drives which provides a strong security with its exclusive Proactive and Definition scan Technology. The Proactive Scan method assures the detection of all the malicious viruses of which you might be aware or even unaware and the Definition scan method detects all existing threats which were ignorantly installed to the system and removes them permanently. Moreover, the USB theft Defender grants the maximum protection against virus, theft and malicious threats.

McAfee VirusScan USB

mcafee virusscan usb

McAfee VirusScan USB is an automated anti-virus software which ensures the safety of your USB Flash Drive and protects it from virus threats. It protects the irreplaceable files and prevents the spread of viruses which already had infected your system and cleans them automatically. This software is featured with On-Insertion and On-Demand Anti-Virus Protection. Moreover, it’s McAfee, the famous brand and you can easily trust on its high level protection features which detect the viruses and prevents your system from threats keeping it safe and sound.

USB immunizer

usb immunizer

USB immunizer is a software that runs on a mechanism which immunizes your USB device by preventing viruses to create a malicious autorun.inf file which is a file that gets executed as soon as the USB device is connected. This cleans all the threats which were to spoil your system when the USB flash drive was plugged in. The USB Immunizer is available for free to download.

Panda USB Vaccine

panda usb vaccine

Panda USB Vaccine is a free tool from Panda Research which prevents malicious viruses due to the autorun feature of Windows Operating Systems. It is featured with two kinds of vaccinations namely, Computer Vaccination and USB Drive Vaccination. The USB vaccination facilitates the users to vaccinate their systems which completely disable the autorun so that no program from any drive can be executed.

Ninja Pendisk

ninja pendisk

Ninja Pendisk is one of the popular and free software tools mechanized for securing systems against viruses in USB Flash Drives and removing other threats thereof. This Ninja Pendisk is simple, portable and is used to examine the malicious files like autorun.inf and ctfmon.exe and the most amazing feature is that it requires no installation. This particular software is designed in such a way that it blocks autorun.inf file and instead of it, creates a folder called autorun.inf as soon as it immunizes every single USB flash drive along with specific commands to block the virus.

USB Guardian

usb guardian

USB Guardian is an exceptional software tool that prevents a system from getting infected with malicious viruses. It is built with a clean and uncomplicated interface which is well organized to access all its functions without much effort. This software allows you to securely enjoy file sharing by using an USB thumbdrive which enables copying of files like movies, mp3s, documents and pictures.

Autorun Protector

autorun protector

Autorun Protector is a software that protects your system in two ways and prevents from being infected with autorun threats. This decreases the spread of viruses and is enhanced with many other amazing features. It is provided with a custom protected autorun.inf file which analyzes the autorun.inf and resolves the drive opening problems.

Autorun Virus Remover

autorun virus remover

Autorun Virus Remover is another software tool which assures 100% protection against threats, viruses and autorun worms. In fact, the Autorun Virus Remover is the best solution for the offline protection of your computer as it removes the autorun worms if your system is infected by them. This tool is easily compatible with other antivirus softwares and is available for free download.

The USB Program

usb program

The USB Program is a well designed software tool which prevents computers from being infected by autorun viruses. This particular tool is loaded into the system memory and in order to remove the infections, it works on a mechanism which automatically renames the autorun.inf files on the newly connected external device (USB Flash drive) into autorun.inf_current date_time and makes it visible for the computer by setting its characteristic to normal.

The above discussed Security tools are the ten tools which secure your computers from infected USB Flash Drives. This top ten list is based on some criteria’s such as the efficiency and mechanism of the protection gained by a particular tool. Some of these tools are popular and well known to people around the world where as some are rarely known to most people. Some and almost all tools are available for free downloads. Hence, you need to go through these discussions grab a detailed information and better preference of these software or tools. Well, hope you would like this piece of article and do convey your feedback.


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