How to Trace a Mobile Phone Location online

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Previously i have written a post on how to track a mobile phone number in India online. Tracking mobile phone number will tell the state, network of that mobile phone number. But now you can track the exact location of a mobile phone online. Using Google Latitude, we can track the current location of the mobile holder. This will give us an accurate information of the mobile holder as Google Latitude tracks the mobile signal and other details.

Track or trace mobile phone location online

You can find the detailed post on how to trace a mobile phone location online here.

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54 Comments to How to Trace a Mobile Phone Location online

  1. Phone Detective

    It's pretty amazing what you can do online ..It was not that long ago that you were wondering who just called your when you were not
    at home. Now you can only see who's the unknown caller .. and also spy on who's talking to your lover :))

    It's crazy … You can even find the address by a simple phone number.. Wonder what's gonna come next ?

    • if u r jst crct.. Dn jst help me to find d locatin.. No 1 has provided info otr dan state nd provider details.. Evn way2sms can provide dis info. y hav 2 surf in net to search al des unnecesary posts in net…. No 1 has givn info othr dan posts… Tis realy sucks

  2. My mobile Nokia 5500 Sport has stolen on 22nd July 2009. IMEI No. is 351854010498652. Please block the same, as I have important data in it.

  3. khasimpeera

    my mobile nokia 6600 slide was stolen on 25/07/2009 IMEI NO. 356383024481509 PLEASE BLOCK THE SAME I HAD GIVEN COMPLAINT IN STATION ALSO

  4. my moboile nokia 3110c, has stolen on 04/09/09,imei:356061030274015. Please recover mobile handset and using mobilenumber.

  5. Its nice to look into this site but it could be much better if i could know the exact position of the mobile no. i mean exact location name with full details were the person is in which area. i request to feed me the site to know the full details.

    • hello bro did u find the way how to trace a mobile number and the name of the operator and the the accurate location then pls reply me its very urgent.

  6. @ Sahil : Unfortunately, there is no such service available where you can pull out the correct name and location of a mobile number. Mobile phone infomations are handled with proper security and they are not meant for outside circulation.

  7. please block my mobile phone :Nokia 5310 :emei: 359562012712291 was stolen / lost on 28 jan 2010. i have lots of important data in it.

  8. Shakti Garg

    I am getting unnecessary & frequent miss calls from Vodafone number 9888637624, 9888401706 but while I am trying to contact it always comes as ” THE VODAFONE NUMBER YOU ARE TRYONG IS CURRENTLY NOT REACHABLE”. I am unable to understand that what the hell is wrong with Vodafone. I had called uo Customer Care of Vodafone & they simply refused to give the owner details of that number.
    If anybody have bit idea about the owner of this number, please help mu out by providing it to me.

  9. Sai Pooja

    My mobile:NOKIA 6300 is lost.

    Please block it as soon as possible.

    Mobile Number: 09025299022

    IMEI: 359347023070214

    For Contact

    Call at 09164305950

  10. Monty Patel

    Hello My Uncle is missing from last day

    Can you give me his location,His mobile number is +919913074060 from Surat,Gujarat,India.

    • You should contact your nearest police station and request them to get the mobile phone location tracked from the mobile phone operator. Even if they find the mobile phone switched off, you can know the area where he was receiving the signal before switching off the phone and that may lead to know his whereabouts.

  11. ronatoju

    There’s no use Even blocking the IMEI due to so many mobile phone hackers that can renew IMEI.

  12. ronatoju

    My Nokia N95 was lost yesterday. within 10 minutes of tracing back. It was off lined already. In fact all systems having locked up for any malicious activity. I faced the fact that it was lost, I cannot retrieve it and just few bucks my phones securities will be halted by a mobile phone hackers. Available anytime, anywhere in the open city. Phone is not matter to me anymore but the sim card and the memory was valuable. I sent a message already to my lost mobile offring an amount.

  13. i lost my mobile handset samsung s3310 with imei number 354178033978406 with number 9700313871 plese search

  14. sharvan singh

    my cell phone was stolen when i was in auto
    adress-activa creation shop no.2048
    shiv shakti market

  15. hello i want to know the position of this mobile no.8858929808 which is switched off from 15 days pls its urgent

  16. vishnu raj

    my mobile phone was stolen two weeks before while travelling in a bus.
    details are:
    IMEI NO:352699048374212
    MODEL: NOKIA X2 00
    plz help me to find out the mobile

  17. plz help,
    mobile no. 8802932450 i want the address n location of the holder of this mobile number plzzzzzz

  18. Rakesh solanki

    dear sir,
    i lost my mobile.please help me to get & my wife give me 1st time give me a mobile..valentine day…plz halp me…
    mobile model : nokia 5130c black silver
    IMEI Number : 355958046219218
    mobile number : 9833433890 & u got any information call 9769505821 my wife no
    email id.-

    sir please find it if you can.

  19. hi…
    I js wnt to knw frm wr my phone is wrking i dnt wana al prsnl details of dat… Jst the exact locatn is enough to find who d hel is using my phone… Nd my problm is i had lst its imei no. But i hav d persns ph no nd he is playing… So pls help me by providing info on hw to trace its locatin…

  20. dear sir,
    i lost my mobile.please help me to get
    mobile model : nokia c6
    IMEI Number :357901044393765
    mobile number :8142189963,9966074201

  21. jagdish jangda

    me Nokia 16 16 1/ 4/2012 and 18/4/2012 and IMEI no. 353389045059755 me kon kon si sim lagiti uski jankari chaye mere mobail no. 9179222380,9770846046 biger fir darj kiye


    i lost my mobile.please help me to get
    mobile model : nokia N 8
    IMEI Number :357398049116418
    mobile number :9370775703,9822678406

  23. Naga Subbaiah

    I lost my mobile on 29/07/2012 and its IMEI numbers are

     IMEI1 No: 911201950045643
     IMEI2 No: 911201950097206

    please trace if possible or else block and confirm me

  24. Rohit kumar

    dear sir,
    i lost my mobile.please help me to get
    mobile model : SAMSUNG (s-3653)corby
    IMEI Number :358039037513286
    mobile number :9592510035,9815291932

  25. dear sir,
    ive lost my cell.plz help me to get it back.
    cell model: samsung chat 335
    mobile number: 8872111988
    plz inform me asap.

  26. hey is there any possibility of finding imei number by using mobile number when its switched off and can we find out the new number used by that person by the help of imei number:) plz
    its really urgent:)

  27. please block my mobile number 9819244663 was lost on 15 aug 2012. i have lots of important data in it.

  28. My mobile was stolen yesterday night ..
    Model :: micromax Q5 fb
    IEMI no :: 910535606244675
    plz locate it asup ,i hv many datas & contacts stored in it.

  29. Please note the complain of my lost mobile phone from my home at 10:00 PM (I.e. 18/11/2012)

    Your Name:Gaurav Shah


    Phone Model:Samsung GT – B 7722


    Last used number: 9756289164 (Idea) & 8307359566 (Reliance) Saharanpur (U.P.)

    Email for

    Missed date:18/11/2012
    IMEI No: 355317043235208

  30. MY NAME IS ABHISHEK…..i lost my mobile please find my mobile & my first mobile in my life ,,,,,mobile NOKIA LUMIA 710,,,,,IMEI NO. 359300042854647

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