10 Ways to Trace or Track your Lost or Stolen iPhone

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iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in US and currently holds the 2nd highest market share among it’s competitors. This simply explains that there are a lots of users in US who depend on their iPhone to communicate with others, carry important data or store valuable and memorable images, video files and more. But what would you do if you find you iPhone lost or stolen one day?

Track, trace lost or stolen iPhone

Blocking IMEI number is one great solution, but that won’t get you the phone. You need to act clever to trace, track and recover your lost or stolen iPhone. Fortunately Apple has included a number of tracing and tracking apps in it’s app store that helps iPhone users in these unpleasant situations. On the other hand, you can also use many third party apps, services, tools to help you in tracking your iPhone.

TechHail has posted a very interesting article on tracing lost iPhones. The article contains 10 ways to find lost or stolen iPhone, and the 10 ways are as follows:

  1. MobileMe app
  2. UnderCover app
  3. iHound for iPhone
  4. iLocalis for iPhone
  5. Navizon app
  6. Mobile Spy
  7. Cylay
  8. MyFoundCast
  9. iRedHanded
  10. FindMyI

You can read the complete article here.

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4 Comments to 10 Ways to Trace or Track your Lost or Stolen iPhone

  1. syeda hira arshad

    i have lost my i phone please help me in finding that
    i dont know wt to do to get my i phone back

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