Track Server Location Of Websites Using Firefox Add On FlagFox

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If you want to track the server location of any website automatically when you visit a site, then there is a firefox add on available for you. This add on  will display a small flag icon of the county, where the website is being hosted. This is a free add on and easy to use. From now on, you don’t have to depend on different websites to find a website’s server location.

Flagfox is the add on and you can get it from Firefox’s add on page. Once installed, it will tell you the IP address and the country of hosting for any website. When you click on that flag icon, it will direct you to a site, where you will get more detailed data like the exact server location, local time zone, IP address, ISP etc.

When I opened my site, i.e Solid Blogger, Flagfox showed me the following info.

flagfox firefox

Now the benefits of using this Firefox add on FlagFox :

  • It provides you the information about sites
  • SEO and Web development guys will find it very helpful
  • It will show you the local language of the server country
  • Will warn you if the sites are not from the IP, they claim to be from
  • Fast in displaying website’s IP and other details

Now get Flagfox from the mozilla’s site.

You can customize FlagFox accroding to your needs. After installing, you can allow it to display details either in your browser’s toolbar area or in the status bar area. This is fast and uses a littlr memory. A recommended add on for everyone.

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