Transfer Data from PC to Android Device with no Wire Connection

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Due to scarcity of time people find the easiest way to transfer files from the computer to their phones. Plenty of file that are to be transferred in minimum time and in less requirements is bit tricky to think. Plugging the device to your computer and then selecting the files to be transferred is time consuming and I think you might have crossed this situation. To save your precious time and to manage your hectic schedule there is a wireless way to solve the problem.

transfer files from pc to android device

Not taking your much time here I introduce an Android app ‘DropSpot’ which is presented by Daniel Leong who is the inventor of this app and who had other successful apps dropped for you in Google Play. This app let you access your Android phone to transfer your required file using web browser e.g. Chrome. This app features drag and drop method where you just drag and drop the file from your computer to the web browser and do the same with your Android phone. Isn’t it simple?

How to use DropSpot app

Actually the app works on WiFi connection and you have to set the web server to access the web browser on that WiFi network the phone and your PC is working. Follow the guide to establish the connection and start enjoy the file transfers:

Step 1: First download the app from the QR code given below or from here.

Step 2: Now tap on the DropSpot app on your Android phone.

Step 3: I t is necessary to enable the WiFi and you will be presented with a start button.

Step 4: After WiFi settings you will be get a number flashed on the screen of your phone like Also the name of the device which is been connected like ‘Connected to: xyz device Serving’ with a Login Code: 1360a69xxxxx.

Step 5: Type the facts appear on your phone like mine into your internet browser’s address bar without any space.

Step 6: If all cleared with the authentication which is enabled automatically then, enter the login code.

Step 7: Walla! Start transferring files with simplicity.

Note: It is not guaranty that the entire Android phone will work and there are certain issues that will be solved soon.

The chrome browser is the perfect browser for file transfer and at a time only 5 MB file can be uploaded for lite users. The app is available in free and paid version.

DropSpot Lite – Free/Limitation upto 5MB

DropSpot – Paid ($1.99)/ More than 5MB

qr code dropspot


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