How to Export Facebook contacts to Yahoo Account

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Today Facebook is one of the popular social networks. Chatting feature in a social network makes it much interesting. Would you like to integrate all contacts to one place so that you can catch all your friends who are in Yahoo, G Mail, Hot mail or Facebook in a single place? In this article I have mentioned a procedure to export Facebook contacts to Yahoo.

1) First visit Once signed in, you will see a screen as shown below.

select medium

2) Now click on facebook icon and you will find a new window opening.

3) Click on Ok to authorize the sharing.


4) After few seconds you will receive a screen saying that your contacts have been successfully imported.

So these are the simple steps to export Facebook contacts and save them to Yahoo. But one thing you should make sure that while importing the contacts to Gmail, assign it to some group. This will help you easily add them in Google Talk.


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