Troubleshoot Errors in Windows 8 with Step Recorder

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Many Windows users out there might not be aware of the Windows feature called Step Recorder. It is an in-built recorder that tracks each and every move or action of yours on Computer. Not only in Windows 8, but the earlier versions of Windows also avail this feature in the name of Problem Steps Recorder. As the name itself depicts that it is helpful to troubleshoot our problems which are not easily detectable or issues that can create huge problems in near future. Here is the tutorial how you can use the Step Recorder to view your actions or fix any issue on your Windows 8 system.

Troubleshoot errors windows 8 with Step Recorder

Step Recorder comes in handy when you are not able to detect where and when and what cause the issue, in that case this feature will help you fix the issue especially to those who are not geek in computers. Well those who are still unaware of the step recorder feature in Windows, here is how you can use Step Recorder to resolve your issues in Windows 8.

The Steps Recorder is a useful tool for a variety of reasons. If you are not a tech savvy person then you can use the recorder to record the computer performance and show to someone who can resolve the issue for you such as any experienced user, computer professionals, etc.

Steps to use the Steps Recorder on your Windows 8

  • From the start screen, open the search tab by holding down the Windows key + F
  • Type in Steps Recorder and from the results displayed click on Steps Recorder button to open it

search steps recorder windows 8

  • Now, you can see a small Steps Recorder window to work with. To get more information regarding Step Recorder or how to utilize it, you can hit the Question Mark any time

step recorder

  • Next, click on Start Record button to start recording the actions of your computer. You can see the Steps Recorder at the top of every window no matter what you are doing on your Windows 8 system so that you can stop recording any instant
  • Now, you can retrace the steps in Windows 8 that was performed earlier when the system got into any issue like system crash or say you can record what you are doing, if any issues are involved then it will also be recorded so that you can sort it out or fix it.
  • When you are done with your recording or say you have recorded what was causing trouble on your system, hit the Stop Record button.

Steps Recorder will execute all your actions step-by-step. You can figure out at what time what exactly you did.

step recorder recorded steps

In the screen shot given above, you can see that we have left-clicked to open Google Chrome from the desktop in Windows 8.

You can also pause and add comments from the Steps Recorder toolbar and highlight additional information about the circumstances. At the bottom of the Step Recorder window you are given additional technical details on your steps. The recorded steps can be used or helpful to troubleshoot and fix any problem and errors in various ways.

steps recorder additional details

So, if you are a Windows 8 user and while working an error occurs, no need to worry about what caused the error, you can simply utilize the built-in Steps Recorder and detect and resolve the issue either by yourself or by sending the recorded information to someone like experienced user or troubleshooter who can deal with the issues and get it fixed.

Now, get your Windows 8 issues resolved easily with built-in Step Recorder.


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