Turn off/Disable SmartScreen Filter in Windows 8 IE 10

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The SmartScreen Filter is another latest feature added to Windows 8 default web browser IE 10. Microsoft has brought out many changes to provide better performance and security. The SmartScreen filter is included in Internet Explorer as a new layer of security that will prevent malware infections by blocking the malicious Sites on Internet. If you don’t favour this feature, here is the tutorial how you can disable SmartScreen Filter in Windows 8 IE 10.Turn off Disable SmartScreen Filter Windows 8

Microsoft has inbuilt SmartScreen Filter to provide better security to IE users. This feature filters or blocks all the malicious content and warns you if any malicious item is identified and all this is carried out automatically. It checks and filters all malicious content in the sites in the Internet or when you run any harmful Apps downloaded from Internet, it checks the file and if it finds an unrecognized app, it blocks the program and shows message “Windows protected your PC” or “Windows SmartSscreen can’t be reached right now” on screen as upon running the App might put your PC at risk.

windows start screen cant be reached out message

Therefore, it is advised not to disable as it prevents malware infections. But, if you want to disable the feature, follow the tutorial below.

windows protected your pc

The program execution is terminated upon clicking on OK button. If you want to run the program and you are assured that the program is safe to run, you can click on “More info” link in the message and you are led to 2 buttons that are “Run anyway” and “Don’t run”. You can click on “Run anyway” button to launch the program.

There are users who dislike this feature despite being useful as sometimes it may be little annoying. If you have a good antivirus program installed in your system, then you can disable this SmartScreen feature in Windows 8 to remove these irritating warning messages.

Disable SmartScreen feature in Windows 8

  • Open Control Panel from the start screen or from the charms bar and click on Action Center icon or search for Action Center at Start Screen

action center

  • In Action center Window, click on Change Windows SmartScreen settings option in the left side pane

change windows smart screen settings win8

  • A new windows pops out that is SmartScreen settings window. From here you can select Don’t do anything (turn off Windows SmartScreen) option and click on OK button.

windows smart screen win8

Once you hit the OK button, the SmartScreen feature is disabled immediately.

Upon following the steps described above you can disable the smart screen feature and no longer receive any kind of warning message upon running any third party Apps in Windows 8.


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