Turn On/ Off App Localization in Windows 8 Store

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Many users out there must not know about the fact that Windows 8 Apps store doesn’t show all the Apps available in it rather shows only the App specified or apps applicable to your country-specific and Language-specific locale. This feature is known as localization of App. Here in this tutorial how you can enable or disable App Localization in Windows App Store.

enable disable app localization windows 8 store

The Windows 8 Apps are localized or categorised after they are developed; they are either localized for country-specific or language-specific users, or globalize their apps for usage around the globe. In Windows 8, by default localization is enabled for apps in the Store. So, the Apps availed to you in the Store are the apps that are only applicable to your country-specific and/or Language-specific locale.

The tutorial here shows how you can enable or disable localization in the Windows Store in Windows 8 to see all apps availed by Microsoft irrespective of local language or country. So that you can browse categories or view lists of all apps in the Store.

Steps to Enable or Disable App Localization in Windows 8

  • Click on App Store tile on Start screen to open it

open apps

  • With the Store opened on screen, Bring up Charms bar using Windows + C
  • Next, select the Settings charm


  • In the Settings tab, click Preferences option

settings preferences

  • Under preferences you can enable or disable localization, to Enable Localization of Apps in Windows 8 Store, under option Make it easier to find apps in my preferred languages, drag the slider to the right


  • Or to see all available apps in the Store, you can disable Localization of Apps in Windows 8 Store and to do so, simply drag the slider to left to say No under Make it easier to find apps in my preferred languages

Once you have completed all the steps, you can click on the arrow at the top left corner that will get you back to the Store

By default, Windows 8 has enabled the setting that allows you to see apps in the Store for your country-specific and language-specific locale.

If you want to enjoy all Apps in Windows 8 App store, follow the tutorial here and disable localization of apps.


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