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As we all are well aware that Microsoft has developed the new Windows 8 OS for Smartphone’s as well as Surface tabs and PC. Windows 8 has received mixed reviews from the very day of its launch. The new OS has been missing some of the essential key features that were availed in its earlier version, like that of start menu, notification on the system tray, etc. on PC. Windows 8 Phone also lacks in separate notification platform. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how you can add Notification Center services on the Windows 8 Platform using Unification.

unification windows 8 phone

Liquid Daffodil presents a secured way to add cross-device notification platform using Unification. This App offers a comprehensive Notification Center services across all Microsoft Windows-based devices including Windows Phone and Desktop.


Unification, the name itself depicts its function. This App will solely show notifications for all the Apps installed on your Windows Phone, in other words, it acts as unified notification center for all apps.

Key Features of Unification

  • It is free and compatible with Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, and Windows Desktop.
  • It acts as Unified notification center service.
  • It is connected with Windows Live ID so that you are always updated with the latest notifications available for the Apps.

Steps to Enable Unification on Windows 8 phone

Now, here are the steps to enable using Unification on your Windows 8 phone.

  • First, download the App using the Windows 8 App Store and install it

unification welcome

  • Upon installing, you are required to sign-in using Live ID to allow the app to access your ID
  • Next, click Validate button on the welcome screen of Unification
  • Now, to receive updates or notification or say manage all notifications for Apps on Phone you need to connect the apps installed manually. To do so, click on the app that supports Unification and click on settings at the bottom
  • Click option to enable the Unification services.

That’s all. You can now receive updates for all Apps installed on your Windows Phone. It depends on you whether you want to approve the notifications or not.

unification settings

However, the notification doesn’t remain all the time. It gets deleted from Unification after few days. Moreover, this setting can also be changed by going to settings of each individual app’s.

With all the features listed above, unification also has drawbacks. It doesn’t support all the Apps or say the Apps that are supported by unification, show up the notification. To make your Apps compatible to unification, you need to contact the respective App developer.

If you were waiting eagerly to let your Windows phone show the latest updates or notification for Apps on your Phone, then Unification will surely help you.


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