How to Unlock iPhone Offline Without Internet or Wi-Fi Connection

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Unlocking iPhone means hacking the iPhone to make it work with other network carriers. One need to have internet or Wi-Fi connectivity in order to install iPhone unlocker such as Ultrasn0w and unlock the device via Cydia. But problems arise when you don’t have either Wi-Fi or internet connection available on your iPhone. If this is the case with you, you need to install Ultrasn0w offline, which is a bit complicated as it requires the access to iPhone file-system and file-permissions.

If you don’t have access to Wi-Fi or internet connectivity on your iPhone, you may proceed to unlock the device by installing a utility called UltraPusher. UltraPusher allows a iPhone user to install MobileSubstrate and Ultrasn0w offline using any Windows based system. Simply connect your iPhone with the system using a USB cable so that UltraPusher can inject required files automatically.

Unlock iPhone Offline Without Internet or Wi-Fi Connection

  • Run UltraPusher on your system
  • UltraPusher

  • Connect your iPhone to PC via USB cable
  • Click ‘Mobile Substrate’ button to install it on your phone
  • Mobile Substrate Offline

  • Reboot your iPhone when instructed
  • After reboot, click ‘Unlock’ button to install ultrasn0w on your phone
  • Follow the instructions on the screen and reboot your phone TWICE
  • Download Ultrasn0w Offline

  • Install Ultrasn0w on iPhone
  • Now your iPhone should have been unlocked
  • You are done.

Once your iPhone is unlocked, you can try any network carrier’s SIM card and use it without any problem. [via]

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12 Comments to How to Unlock iPhone Offline Without Internet or Wi-Fi Connection

  1. I have 3GS 3.1.2 with baseband 5.11. My understanding is that with these specs I need to unlock with blacksn0w. Will UltraPusher enable me to install blacksn0w offline?

    • Yes, you can unlock your iPhone offline with the said configurations. Do let us know once you have successfully unlocked it.

  2. Seemed to install fine, but did not work. I think because I am not fully jailbroken. I installed blackrain but cannot run the app.. no internet connection. Any guidance on how to jailbreak offline?

    On another note.. tried to install custom firmware in order to run redsn0w but Apple server denied request.

  3. Thx a lots

    i try many times in other way but still cann't complete it

    Only you

    i appreciate bout that

  4. I now have the carrier options showing up, but it says “No Service” and “unable to load network list”? and Cellular data is all blank… my wifi went out a while ago… 😐

  5. this software doesn't work. I've tried without plugin my iphone and the same message 'reboot' 'reboot twice' came out without saying iphone not detected.

  6. Any one tell me how to unlock iphone 3g ios4 offline
    im try to unlock use ultrapusher. didn’t work

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