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Solidblogger was taken down by Hostgator and it was not accessible since last 34+ hours. I was not even granted the access to the admin panel and their automated messages confirmed that my site was taken down for using maximum system resources and that was against their TOS. Well while I can understand that ’system resources’ part, I am still to get the reason behind blocking my access to WP-Admin panel!

Web Hosting StressInitially they suspended all my domains but after few email exchanges they brought them live except solidblogger.com. According to their ticket, solidblogger was executing a loads of processes and that was against their TOS. Was the reason so satisfying to block the HTTP traffic as well as the admin panel? I am more concerned about admin panel actually as I could have disabled few plugins to optimize the system usages temporarily.

And to make the matter worse, I met some personal problems that increased my stress level. Past 36+ hours was like hell to me.

They asked me to upgrade the site to VPS to avoid these kind of problems. I am a kind of person who NEVER think twice before paying for something good but they had to inform me about this earlier. I did not know that Hostgator’s shared environment can’t take the load of around 20K visitors.

And now in a hurry to get the site live I ordered their VPS hosting and they are currently transferring the associated database and files. In between the site may go down and up frequently as I am completely new to VPS and yet to set the account settings and other things. The DNS change has been performed and it will take 24-48 hours to get completed.

I strongly feel that all my work is going to vain as Google won’t spare my site for a 36+ hours downtime. It’s going to be a more hard journey from now on. Similar think once happened with Debajyoti as well.

I am not sure how Hostgator’s VPS system works. Do you have idea? Or would you suggest me to move to any other VPS system? Do share your advices using the below comments section.

Soumya is the admin and founder of Techcular. He loves to discover and learn new things on Internet. You can find him writing on his personal blog few times.

6 Comments to Update: Moving to VPS Hosting

  1. Hey friend I suggest u insted of going VPS u can switch Hosting to http://www.hosting.india.to ,and VPS is Costly and u have to manage/maintain all things manually/(Customization Require)
    Lots of Overhead on VPS,but 1 benefit is u can do whatever u want like SSH access and many more…

  2. Cruz Cranford

    You should be fine on a VPS, the main thing is to get WordPress tuned for the traffic recieved and to adjust any server settings that promote faster loading. WordPress has very open queries to mysql with joins and group by's that can eaisly swamp even a dedicated server. Make sure you're running the latest versions of your applications as that always helps! Also, make sure you're doing a database backup at least once a week in case something happens. Good luck!

  3. hey Bpaun this is good news that your blog is back now, i am trying to open this blog from last 3 days but it not working,but then today it work fine now, i think your blog is selected for Google news and that may be reason that you got so many visit and they bend you so now chose best webhost and all the best bro.

  4. Huh.VPS hosting and cpu overload issues.I'm working on these issues too and looking for a reliable hosting company nowadays.Some companies are giving gigas of bandwidth but i cannot use all bandwidth because of overload issues although all the html&database cache plugins.Only a few plugins are working like google xml-adsense-all in one seo…So,i really wonder your opinios about hostgator vps hosting.Please update your opinions about the hosting.All i want is a reliable company which can do perfectly what they offered.

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