Update NOD32 Antivirus Offline

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NOD32 is one of the widely used antivirus products since it’s highly efficient in catching virus, malware, spyware, trojans or any kind of suspicious activities on your system. It regularly updates it’s virus database to keep itself last minute updated and ensure maximum security measures. However you might face problems inn updating NOD32 antivirus offline, without having internet connection as there is no way to update NOD32 offline.

Update NOD32 Offline

NOD32 does not provide any solution to update it’s database in offline mode, without having internet connection. But fortunately, one blog ) is providing all latest NOD32 antivirus updates as .zip file. You have to simply download NOD32 update, extract on your system and update NOD32 offline. Pretty easy, isn’t this!

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  1. i followed steps in updating nod32 offline but the antivirus still say "out of date" and the taskbar icon became red not green

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