How to Update Nook Color with Android 4.0.1 Firmware

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Are you bored of Honeycomb Nook Color, then it’s time to update it to Ice cream sandwich Android 4.0.1. Remind you that this is not the official update and you gonna use the beta version which is developed by XDA developers and we don’t know the accurate time the Nook Color’s ISC version will roll out. Hope you will enjoy the beta version till the real version appears for Nook Color. Follow the steps, notes, reminders before you go for real job to get done.

nook color android 4.0.1 firmwareInform you that this version of firmware will be having few bugs which will be solved when the official version rolls out.  Below are list that will work when the device step into the ice cream sandwich world:

  • Bluetooth (pairing/file transfer only confirmed)
  • WiFi (full it seems but it’s brand-new to the kernel so who knows how stable anything is)
  • Backlight
  • Accelerometer
  • Improved stability (but not perfect)
  • gapps
  • Setcpu/overclock
  • Real data usage info (not stubbed out)
  • Battery levels/charging
  • Physical menu button
  • Touchscreen
  • 3d games
  • USB gadget in kernel (ie, mounting your sdcard to your computer)
  • Screenshots
  • Build system (to auto-create update.zips)

Sorry to say that the following will not work:

  • sound
  • video
  • full 2d acceleration (esp on complex web pages)

You must Follow the steps but first keep certain points in your mind and they are:

  1. The device battery must be charged as a minimum of 60%.
  2. Keep all your data into your PC as a backup file.
  3. You must tap on the Menu-> Settings->Application->Development->USB debugging. Make sure that USB debugging is checked.

usb debuggingPerquisites:

  1. Nook Color with clockworkmod Recovery. Click here to get the Clockworkmod Recovery.
  2. USB cable
  3. Personal Computer

How to Update Nook Color with Android 4.0.1 Firmware:

Step 1: Download ICS Android 4.0.1 Firmware Zip Package.

Step 2: Now connect your device to your PC using USB cable.

Step 3: Carefully copy the downloaded zip file ( to the root directory of Sdcard.

Step 4: Now detach the USB cable and boot it in clockwormod recovery.

Step 5: In the Clockworkmode recovery keep the backups in Nandroid, just in case something goes wrong and you will need not worry because you had already restored the data already. To do this you need to tap on main menu->Backup and Restore->Nandroid Backup.

CWM recovery

cwm backup

Step 6: Relax, now you have successfully made the backup and now go to main menu select the ‘Wipe Data / Factory Reset’ to wipe out all the cache data in your Nook.

Step 7: Next you can now update the device by selecting install zip from SD card-> choose zip from SD card->

Step 8: When all finished select ‘Reboot System Now’.

nook color android 4.0.1

Walla! You have successfully updated your Nook Color with Ice cream sandwich 4.0.1.


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