MP32FLV Online Tool to Upload MP3 Songs to YouTube

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Do you spend much time on YouTube every day? If you answered yes, then you must have come across videos which are actually just audio with a still image. Are you willing to upload audios to YouTube, but unable to do so? If yes, then I would suggest you to use MP32FLV tool. It’s a cool tool that lets you convert an MP3 and a JPEG  file to a video and then upload to YouTube.


MP32FLV Features

  • Upload MP3 and image to create a video for YouTube.
  • Options to select aspect ratio and quality.
  • Absolutely free without any registration.
  • Upload mp3, add an image, login to youtube and your file will be uploaded onto youtube.

MP32FLV is very easy to use. Simply upload a JPEG image and a Mp3 file, and then create a video out of them. Then you can upload the created video to YouTube. The tool includes two extra settings, aspect ratio and quality. These settings help you produce a better video output from those files. You can also create a High Quality (HQ) video that’s usually in MP4 or AAC format.

Click Here to get started.


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