Use Extensions and Add-ons for Excellent Browser Security

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With the development in the technologies, the browsers also have undergone a lot of changes. The newer version of Browser enables the computer users to browse Internet in an easy and more advanced way. But, there are certain important Extensions and Add-ons that are needed to be kept back for better surfing. Here is some list of Extensions and Add-ons that provides excellent browser security.

Use Extensions Add ons Browser Security

The most important thing that concerns us the most is the security and privacy while browsing internet. The first extension is the Web of Trust (WOT) that provides or ensures complete security while you are browsing Internet. It is a chrome extension and functions by scanning the database and keeps a check on their security and indicates the degree of safety. It gives traffic signal warnings for every link on the web. For instance: green for safe, amber for suspicious, and red for avoid at all costs. By this you will come to know the threat limit of the site or indicates us whether the site is dangerous or safe.

Just like Web of Trust, McAfee’s SiteAdvisor is a Chrome extension that alerts you upon visiting a harmful site.

If you are looking for extension based on nifty that will allow you manage the tabs using various computers, then Tab Cloud is the good one to use. This also enables you to give names to every single browser tab and also save the sessions. Along with this you can also obtain several statistical information and details regarding tabs from one web browser to another or enables you to manage tabs in a better way.

AutoCopy is a tool that automatically copies the chosen content from the browser onto the clipboard. The drawback with this tool is that upon hitting the certain keyboard shortcuts, the copying option gets enabled manually. But, AutoCopy is able to copy the content from the webpages and paste it in the form of text content so it is popularly used by the user who frequently copy contents from the webPages.

LastPass is another important extension for password management. Using this you don’t have to remember all the passwords for logins in the web. This password manager replaces all your separate web logins with a single master password. So, you just have to remember that one, and LastPass will log you into the rest. The password data is locally encrypted, so even if the LastPass service is hacked, your passwords are safe. Using this will help you safe browsing and protect all your personal details.

Some extensions are described above which will help you to browse internet securely along with protecting the important data.


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