Use GhostBuster to Get rid of Ghost Registry Entries from Windows

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Many Windows users might not know about the Ghost entries or Ghost hardware. Let us first get to know what the ghost entries are and how they are created on your computer. Whenever you plug in any device into your computer, a registry entry is created in the Windows registry that keeps the track of the device. But, when the device is removed the entries remain as it is and make the system slow, these are known as the Ghost entries. Follow the tutorial to remove those Ghost entries.

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For instance you have put an USB device; a new registry entry is created. After its removal the registry entry remains as it is. Such entries are known as hardware ghost or ghosted or hidden devices, and create many errors and issues on your system. The ghost entries in the Windows registry can create driver installation related issues and make the system slow.
These hardware ghosts or ghost entries can be removed with GhostBuster. It is light small software that enumerates all devices and detects ghosted devices and removes these if they match selectable devices types and / or devices classes with a single mouse-click.

Manual removal of such ghost entries are possible, but you can use GhostBuster to remove them in one go which make the removal process quite simply and easy. Since the software deal with the registry entries you need to keep a restore point or back up as deletion of any important registries can create a lot problems.

Follow the steps given below to get rid of the ghost entries on your system.

  • Download GhostBuster and upon opening of the program it will automatically start scanning your Windows Registry. After scanning it will show you the list of all your devices and drivers that Ghostbuster thinks are not in use and will be highlight them as Ghosted in the Status column.
  • Verify the list before removing them. Some graphics and audio drivers are often highlighted as they are identified as services. Make sure that you don’t remove them as it will cause issues while playing videos and music.


  • In order to add hardware to the removal list simply right-click its entry and choose Add device.
  • To add everything in a section, right-click one part and choose Add Class. Items that are needed to be removed are added to the removal list and will be shown in red.
  • To deselect an option or an entry, right-click the unwanted entries and choose Remove Device or Remove Class.
  • To see the ghosted devices, right-click any entry and click hide Unfiltered Devices and search for the driver details in Properties.
  • As mentioned earlier, make sure to create a system restore point before removing anything, so that you can restore back entries that are deleted accidentally. Check the Create System Restore Checkpoint box.
  • The total number of ghosts that is to be removed is shown in the bottom-left corner. Click Remove Ghosts.
  • Upon prompted for UAC, click yes.

After creating a restore point, remove them. Upon successful removal of the ghost hardware restart your system. On booting you will find that your PC runs faster than before.


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