How to use Polaris Office in Samsung Galaxy Tab 750

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We have been using Microsoft office in our PC or lappies and if you newly got a Galaxy Tab and thinking how to create or view Microsoft words, excel, spreadsheets etc. then not to fret as ‘Polaris Office’ is the right option for creating all shots of Microsoft office works. Here in Polaris office you can even use Adobe PDF files on your device. Follow the steps below to learn how to operate Polaris Office in Samsung Galaxy Tab 750.

polaris officeHow to create a new document through Polaris Office:

Step 1: Tap on the Apps menu from the Home screen and select the Polaris Office.

tap app 750polaris office galaxy 750Step 2: you need to register online in “” to store you documents in cloud or you can skip the registration too.

polaris acctount galaxy 750Step 3: Select on the New Files and choose from:

  • Document 97-2003
  • Document 2007
  • Sheet 97-2003
  • Sheet 2007
  • Slide 97-2003
  • Slide 2007

polaris choose documents galaxy 750From Template you can chose the default set of temples and tap once to select the design to work on further.

polaris templets galaxy 750Step 4: Now start tapping on on-screen keyboard and proceed.

It is just like the Microsoft office and has all those functions in it e.g. – shape, table, image, camera, hyperlink and bookmarks.

polaris functions galaxy 750Choose your writing paragraphs and tap on ok to continue writing in desired fashion. You can choose the color and can use bullets.

polaris bullets and paragraph galaxy 750

polaris text galaxy 750Step 5: when you are finished then tap on select option as shown in image below.

polaris save doucument galaxy 750Step 6: Enter the name of the document and then select the location to save it.

polaris select folder galaxy 750Step 7: Tap on OK

How to open a document of Polaris Office in Samsung Galaxy Tab 750:

Step 1: Tap on Apps in Home Screen and select ‘Polaris Office’.

Step 2: select on ‘Local Storage’-> document (your choice).

polaris view document local storage galaxy 750


 You can find the file in Recent Files.

polaris view document galaxy 750Other Quarries

1. How to create back-up files?

It’s important to keep backup so tap on Settings, under ‘File List Setting’ select ‘create back-up file’.

polaris file settings galaxy 750

2.  How to clear Recent files?

You can clear files by tapping on settings in Polaris screen and then under ‘File List Setting’-> Clear Recent Files.

3. How to update Polaris Office?

Update your Polaris Office through 3G or 4G connection by tapping on the ‘General settings’ then on Update just tap to view if there’s any update and a message prompts “This is the latest Version”  if there aren’t any latest updates.

polaris update galaxy 750

This is all about Polaris Office use and if you have any doubt then feel free to ask through comment.


3 Comments to How to use Polaris Office in Samsung Galaxy Tab 750

  1. Any advice for when Polaris won’r work. I have a brand new tablet, and every time I launch polarish and try to open or create a doc. I get an error.

  2. Thanks. I’ve done a hard reset several times, and the problem still occurs. I’m not sure I can format it and lost the OS and the apps. Tech support says to contact Polaris, however, there is not a contact in the US for them.

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