Use windows 8 Start Screen to search Items on Computer

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The Metro Start screen or the new tile screen in Windows 8 has fascinated many Windows user. When you log on to a Windows 8 computer, the very first thing that comes to your sight is the metro start screen. The traditional start screen and start menu is replaced by metro style tile screen. Although Microsoft has brought up many variations in Windows 8 features to make it more advanced than the earlier versions of Windows OS, but many users find difficulty in looking for certain applications in the OS. Here is the tutorial to search for anything from the Windows 8 start screen.

Use windows8 start screen search items computer

The new UI Start screen has been troubling many users as they are unable to locate various features in it. Windows 8 start screen doesn’t have a search box like Windows XP & 7 so it’s difficult to search for any item in it. Here in this tutorial you get the options to use the Start screen to launch apps, switch to desktop, organize apps, and also for search for apps, settings, & files.

Charms Bar Settings


Windows 8 has included Charms bar that can be used to search programs or Apps on the Windows 8 computer. Scroll the mouse pointer to the upper-right or lower-right corner of the screen and click on search. You can open charms bar by holding Windows key + C. You can also search for apps or settings by simply typing in the Start screen.

Methods to search Apps, Settings, Files, Folders, Store in Windows 8

How to Search Apps in Windows 8

windows 8 search apps

As mentioned earlier, the Windows 8 doesn’t provide a search box or search tile to search any programs or Apps on your computer, but you can simply search it from the start screen. Switch to the start screen and type the name of the Apps you are looking for; you will get search results and select it to proceed with the App. For instance, if you want to open Notepad, simply type notepad in Start screen and then press enter key to open Notepad.

How to Search Settings in Windows 8

windows 8 settings

If you are looking for any settings or admin tools, simply start typing the name of the settings in the Start screen and then change the scope of your search to Settings to see the results. For instance, if you are looking for Device Manager, type Device Manager in the Start screen then select settings under the Apps to see the Device Manager in search result. You can also use Windows key + W to get to the settings instantly.

How to Search Files in Windows 8

windows 8 search files

To get to your files that you are looking for, type its name in the Start screen and change the search scope to Files on the right hand side, by this you can all the filter results by files. You can also use Windows key + F to open file search.

How to search Windows 8 Store

Windows 8 Store Search

You can easily search for Windows 8 Store without opening the Store app. To search for an app, you need to simply type in the name of the app in the Start screen, and change the search scope to Store so that you can see the filtered result in Store app.

The above mentioned methods are some of the tips to search Apps, Settings, Files, Folders, and Store in Windows 8 to make it easier for the users who are new to Windows 8.


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