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The performance of your computer depends on the performance of internal hardware such as CPU, RAM, video card, motherboard, etc. Therefore, it’s important to tune up or optimize the computer devices and internal architecture. There are some freeware that are readily available for downloads from their respective manufacturers and other software companies. This utility software program will enhance the performance of your computer. Here is the tutorial how you can tune up CPU, RAM, etc. to boost its performance on your computer.

software boost CPU RAM performance

Some utility programs that will tune up your CPU and RAM are listed below.

AMD OverDrive

If you have an AMD CPU powered computer, then you can adjust performance settings, speed and timing for the processor and RAM memory along with some other components using the utility program named AMD’s free OverDrive software.

In addition to this, the freeware also allows you to manage and control fan speeds. Along with this it can even provide some diagnostic software that will help you to troubleshoot PC components. This freeware is a user friendly interface and adds speed and performance simply by accessing from the desktop.

Intel XTU

Intel XTU

Intel XTU (Extreme Tuning Utility) software from the manufacturer of Intel also offers performance tuning freeware. This can easily adjust the speed, performance and even modify Intel exclusive features such as Turbo Boost Technology.

AMD Catalyst


AMD OverDrive Utility discussed above mainly focuses on enhancing CPU and RAM memory settings, but AMD Catalyst Control Center is a utility program to tune up videos and graphics. This utility program enables you to tune GPU settings and graphics acceleration along with speed adjustments and even configure displays.

NVIDIA Control Panel


The most popularized NVIDIA graphics has also developed utility program to optimize the GPU performance named NVIDIA’s Control Panel software. This allows you to boost or tune the graphics setting directly from the desktop.

MSI Afterburner


MSI’s Afterburner utility is a well accepted app. This can overclock, adjust fan speed, adjust voltage and monitor clock speed, temperatures and other settings on your computer.



CPUID is a well known utility program provider that provides you with a wide variety of different utilities like that of enhancing the monitor computer performance. One of the popular programs is CPU-Z. This utility program monitors CPU, Cache, Motherboard, Graphics and more.

Upon using the software describe above you can easily enhance the performance of the CPU, RAM and many more internal devices necessary for well functioning of your Computer.


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