uTorrent Alpha Release Adds Integration for Android

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uTorrents now adds a new alpha build v3.1 for Android. This will let users to sync downloaded content to Android swiftly, plus it has capability to convert audio and video to playable files which is a new concept but will be released later for paid BitTorrent clients. You must be excited to download Android uTorrent ! Here below I provided a link to market.

utorrent 3.1 android

The users of uTorrent can drag and drop downloaded content to a variety of devices that includes iPhone, iPods, PS3, android devices & Xbox directly from the uTorrent interface. The features like audio and video converstion was found in Vuze eairler and that compet the BitTorrent client and added a device integration and file conversion a long time ago. It was a huge success. The user interface is constantly being updated and novel features such as BitTorrent App studio is instigated on a regular basis.

The Android user can directly access uTorrents via phone but Apple users will drag and drop unto device by iTunes and PS3 & xbox user will get access via USB. Few changes can be seen in disk I/O optimizer and few bugs were fixed such as shutdown hang when deleting torrents, downloads can be seen in RSS feed etc. And Guys it’s a tested version so use it and several improvements and features are on the way that to be done by uTorrents soon. To upgrade the the uTorrent then user have to pay to get uTorrent Plus which is an upcoming version with more controls, more security, more portable and no hassles.

According to Torrentfreak , “the informed Bit Torrent Inc. that a lot of users specifically demanded device integration, as well as other changes that were implemented recently.” Hope you like the free version and just wait for the paid version uTorrent plus get offers a lot more features.

Download uTorrent  3.1 here.

[Via Torrentfreak]


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