How to Schedule uTorrent to Start Seeding or Downloading at a Specific Time

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Most of us use internet connections with limited downloading or uploading plans. So, those people can’t go for downloading files from torrent sites all the time. However, since most internet service providers provide free downloading in night hours, you can set your torrent client to start seeding or downloading files at a specific time. uTorrent is one of the widely used torrent clients and we can configure it for scheduled downloading or uploading. Let’s know how to do this.

uTorrent Scheduled Uploading or Downloading

  1. Run uTorrent
  2. Navigate to Options >> Preference >> Scheduler
  3. Tick the box next to Enable Scheduling
  4. You will see some sets of green boxes where each row corresponds to each day of week and each column to hours of day
  5. uTorrent Schedule

  6. You can click on those boxes to make them either green, white, pink or light green.
  7. Green, white, pink and light green colours mean full speed, turn off, seeding only and limited respectively.
  8. You have to change the colour of each box (day and hour wise) to resume transfers at a pre-scheduled time.
  9. You are done.

In this way you can either stop downloading at a specific time or start downloading and seeding at a pre-scheduled time. I know that this tutorial is a bit confusing, but you will find it easy while doing manually.

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12 Comments to How to Schedule uTorrent to Start Seeding or Downloading at a Specific Time

  1. thx m8 i was exactly looking for that so now i dont have to woke up in the morning to stop it so it dont slow the others conection when they woke up 😛

  2. Hey… thanks for the info, but If i want to start my downloading at 2 in the morning (to use off peak) how do i do that…

    Shall i just do the settings as you said and leave the PC on ? or something else?


    • Dr. Nadakatti

      Exactly same is my question. Should I make the scheduler as shown in the figure and leave the PC with net connection “ON” so that it starts at night 2 AM and closes all downloads by 8 AM?

  3. how i can have one downloading at one time….mean when 1 torrents ends the next torrent automatically starts downloading and when it gets completed other torrent in list starts downloading like in a queue…

  4. How do i set up the scheduler on a mac. I can’t find it anywhere and it’s starting to give me the ….
    Any Ideas???

  5. Thanks for the info, makes me feel lazy for not looking around the u torrent i have had for years, now i can download loads off peak. Thanks so much

  6. Hi, all! How can I start seeding 5 my definite torrents every night at 2:00 AM ? I do not need schedule to stop that seeding automatically. Thank you for any advice!

  7. hi there
    How can i keep seeding a file that hasnt been dowloaded completely without the download to continue?
    I put the pink boxes where i want it to only seed but it keeps downloading!

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