How to Verify PayPal Account with HDFC NetSafe VCC (Virtual Credit Card) in India

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One can verify his Paypal account by linking and verifying a valid credit card or debit card. Verified Paypal users get a number of advantages including unlimited funds withdrawal to bank account or credit card, unlimited funds transfers to any Paypal user and more while unverified Paypal user accounts are limited where they can withdraw or send a maximum of $500 every month. If you want to keep your Paypal account in good standings and make unlimited number of transactions, you should link a credit or debit card to your Paypal account.

Users from India might face problems in linking and verifying a credit card since many of us don’t have got a credit card yet. On the other hand, users can’t use their debit card for verification purposes since most debit cards in India don’t not meet the international debit card standard format.

Paypal Verified AccountHowever, you can verify your Paypal account easily if you have got a HDFC bank account. HDFC bank customers can take the advantage of HDFC NetSafe VCC to verify Paypal account. HDFC NetSafe VCC (Virtual Credit Card) is a temporarily generated credit card that can be used online to buy products, pay bills in a secure environment and do all kind of online transactions. You can load the VCC with any amount you want (amount to the card will be credited from your HDFC bank account) and can be used for one time only.

Verify Paypal Account using HDFC NetSafe VCC in India

Before you proceed, you need to know how to create VCC using HDFC NetSafe. Once you have created a HDFC NetSafe Virtual Credit Card, you can proceed to use it for Paypal account verification purpose.

  • Login to your Paypal account
  • Click on Get Verified (check below screenshot)
  • Paypal Get Verified
    HDFC NetSafe VCC Details

  • Fill out the form in the following manner (Check the screenshot on the right hand side):
  • First Name : Enter your First Name

    Card Type : Select Visa

    Card Number : Enter the Virtual Card Number

    Expiry Date : Set the VCC expiry date

    Security Code : Enter CVV2 number

  • Enter Virtual Credit Card Details
  • Click “Save” and “Continue”.

Now you have successfully added the VCC card details to your Paypal account. But you have to verify it in order to show Paypal that you actually own this card and lift all limitations from your account.

Once you link a credit card, Paypal charges some amount to verify if you have access to card details or not. When Paypal charges the credit card for a small amount of $1.85, it leaves a four digit verification code in the merchant details. You need to get the four digit Paypal verification code in order to activate the linked card.

If you had actually verified the account using a credit card, you would have seen the four digit verification code in your credit card statement. But since HDFC NetSafe does not provide any statements, users fail to verify the linked Virtual Credit Card details. Here comes the tricky part, follow the below steps to find out the four digit verification code from HDFC NetSafe VCC.

  • Login to your HDFC NetSafe account
  • Click on “All Accounts/Service”
  • netsafe all accounts services

  • On the next page click on “Txn Details” (stands for Transaction Details)
  • HDFC NetSafe VCC Transaction Details

  • Find the 4 digit Paypal verification code under the “Merchant” column
  • HDFC Netsafe Transaction Details

  • Note down this number.

Now since you have got the four digit Paypal verification code, let’s proceed to the Paypal interface to activate the linked card.

  • Login to Paypal account
  • Click on Get Verified link again
  • Enter the four digit verification code in the box next to Paypal Code
  • Enter Paypal Verification Code

  • Click on Submit button
  • You will see Your Paypal Account is Verified greeting message
  • Verified Paypal Account

  • You are done.

That’s it. You have just verified your Paypal account using HDFC NetSafe Virtual Credit Card. Enjoy the unlimited withdraw and money transfer features now.

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6 Comments to How to Verify PayPal Account with HDFC NetSafe VCC (Virtual Credit Card) in India

  1. very nice cool man

    great stuff

    i just verified my paypal a/c in just 15 min

    from past 2 month iam sending mail to pappal to verify my ac. but still it is pending but with this hdfc vcc net safe i did it man u rock

    thanks for the info

    it is really effective

  2. Hi,
    I just done transaction with HDFC Netsafe card VCC. But paypal put my transaction on hold.
    I just verified my VCC With paypal. It was verified successfully. And i verified my bank account also. But stil paypal not lifting the my account. They are asking the Credit Card Statement of Bank Account Which must contains the Name Of Account Holder, Credit Card transaction details, Bank Details etc. How can resolve the issue. Any one please help me.

  3. Friend i wanted to ask you can i withdraw money from the pp account to my hdfc account.And will i able to shop on e bay with this ac?

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