Javascript Code to View Locked Facebook Private Albums Photos

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Realtrix has posted a trick to view locked Facebook private album photos. Using a simple JavaScript code, one can bypass the locked album restrictions and hack or peep into someone’s private photos on Facebook. Being the largest social networking site, this kind of bug was least expected from Facebook but since they are yet to fix this issue, you can enjoy looking into other’s private albums 😉

Facebook Private Album Photos

View Locked or Private Facebook Album Photos

Simply head to the homepage of the person you would like to see the private album photo. Then copy the following JavaScript code and hit ‘Enter’.

javascript:(function(){CSS.removeClass(document.body,%20′profile_two_columns’); tab_controller.changePage(“photos”);})()

The script will redirect you to the locked photo page of the person’s account. While this trick works most of the time, you may not get this working occasionally, repeat the process to see if it works for you.

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7 Comments to Javascript Code to View Locked Facebook Private Albums Photos

  1. Hi,

    I am always your blog visitor. I have tried it many times about this facebook javascript, but I can't able to get it. May be, my way got wrong. Can you explain me exactly how to do it. Thanks and waiting your reply . :)

    • Jick, The JavaScript code was taken from an another source and the source claims that this does not work for everyone (this is also mentioned in the post).

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