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Zoozoo ads created a sudden buzz among people within just few days. Vodafone’s new Zoozoo commercials were launched during IPL 2009 series and the impact of these animated characters was so huge that it made millions of fans within days. But the twist is that these Zoozoo are actual humans in stead of any computerized animated characters. The maker and creator of Zoozoo ads, Mr. Prakash Varma, started planning about these characters just before one month of IPL and rest is the history.

Mr. Varma has to say something on the making of Zoozoo commercials.

Animation requires so much detailing and here we had to do the exact opposite. We had to make real characters look like animated characters. It was quite challenging as none of them could see as they were covered from head to feet.

It’s not that easy to use real human characters to play new animated characters. It takes a lots of expertise, production values and talent. They have made a total of 30 commercial videos using these Zoozoo characters for IPL tournament and people are waiting for IPL match breaks to witness their new favourite animated characters, Zoozoo.

If you have not seen Zoozoo commercials yet, have a look on these first.

Now look at the behind the scenes and Zoozoo making videos.

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