10 Ways to Enhance your Net Surfing

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search engineSearch Engine, as the name suggests – An engine to search. Basically, a search engine is designed to search for information like web pages, images, etc on the World Wide Web and FTP servers. This is of course true that a search engine provides almost all kinds of information and whatever you search for. But, sometimes you are not provided with the exact information of a particular search. This is because your search content misses something that should be mentioned. Hence there are a lot of things you should keep in mind while searching for specific information. Here are some important tips that will help you to improve your surfing tendency. Checkout the points and discussions followed below.

Your Surf depend On the Site you Use

google bing

The search engine sites try to recognize and find what you are really searching for and as a matter of fact, all search engines are not equally built. Always prefer the best sites such as Google and Bing. Search engines differ in various ways like some are built with a billion databases while some others are made to search a single topic or other formats of surfing. Well, Google is the most common and widely used search engine which is well-built and has a very high efficiency to surf and perform searches.

The Words you Search Matters

For the reason that common words such as wallpapers, concepts.etc already exist in the search, you need to prefer your search content cleverly. Google, the most commonly and widely used search engine leaves behind some common words like “a”, “for” and “the” and so are some other sites too. Hence, prefer the words you mention in the search content wisely.

Put your search in Parentheses

If you want to search for an exact and specific content or in order to get the exact result of your specific search content, you need to put your search in parentheses (“ ”). When the search content is put in parentheses, the search engine will search for the exact words, phrase or sentence you have searched for but if you search the same content without putting in parentheses, it will search for each and individual word providing you a list of results containing those words. Suppose, you want to search for some tips to keep your computer system free from virus, you can mention “tips to safeguard my computer from viruses” in order to get the exact sentence and its details as the result of your search.

Keep your Search Content Simple


Always prefer to use specific but simple words for your search content in order to get the proper result related to your search. Using specific and simple words will result you with the related information of what you are searching for without leading to some other content which is not related to your search. Adding of unnecessary words may direct the search engine to search for some other content according to each and every word you have mentioned. Hence, keep your search content specific, neat and simple.

Mention the Plus Sign

You can mention Plus signs in your search content so that you can signify some specific words you want in the result of your search. Suppose you want to surf for Samsung Galaxy S2, you can mention “Samsung + S2” in your search content. This will provide you with results which are related to Samsung and S2 only. Hence, mentioning a Plus sign will help you to get a result with the particular words you have mentioned.

Mention Minus Sign

You can also mention a Minus sign in order to exclude or neglect some words you don’t want to find in the result of search. Suppose you want to search for only Motorola Defy and do not want Motorola Defy+ in the results, then you can mention “Motorola Defy –+” in the search content so that you get the results of Motorola Defy and Not Motorola Defy +.

Directories and Search Engines

search engine vs directories

Search engines make use of various Robots, – automated computer programs. These programs enable them to migrate from page to page through the web and feature search and index websites. In search engines, the entered index words, URL, paragraphs, words and phrases are added to their databases. But, Directories lead to a more abbreviated set of sites and provide limited proper analysis and unanticipated breakthrough while browsing through categories. These are run by directory staffs or webmasters and these need to be run by human for development and maintenance.

Multiple Search Engines

multiple search engines

Multiple search engines let you to make use of a lot of search engines at a go. The most amazing fact about the multiple search engines is that it is a quick and wide-ranging method to perform a wide search. But, it also has a demerit that you cannot constrict your search every time as the codes of a search engine differ from site to site. Therefore, this kind of multiple search engines can be used when you are searching for an incomprehensible result of a very doubtful and confusing search which you’re most desired and preferred search engine couldn’t search for. Example of a Multiple search engine is Wiibeez.

Asking Questions

You would of course question when you need an answer to your question. You can enter questions in the search content of which you need an answer. Suppose, you want know the name of the first person who landed on the moon. You would obviously question as “Who is the first person to land on the moon?” but, while searching on a search engine you should prefer to enter as “The first person to land on the moon is…..?” in the search content.

Rephrase the Search or Prefer another Search Engine

Sometimes, you fail to find the result of a particular search on a search engine. In this case, you need to change the words or rephrase your search content and still if you fail again, then go for another search engine immediately. In fact, you won’t have to face these kind of problems if you are using highly efficient search engines like Google, which too rarely fails to find your content.

The above discussed tips for the widening and enhancement of one’s net surfing are the best ten ways which enhance your surf and increase your scope of search. These top ten ways are based on tactical ideas, one’s capability and some search engines which develop the efficiency of your surfing. Some of these tips are popular and well known to people around the world where as some are rarely known to most people. Hence, you need to go through these discussions to grab a detailed information and better preference of websites and search engines. Well, hope you would like this piece of article and do convey your feedback.


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