What is EchoDrive and How it Works?

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EchoDrive is a ground breaking technology for fleet owners to achieve high level of fuel efficiency that was never possible earlier. Fleet owners have always sought ways to reduce their operational costs, and EchoDrive has come as the perfect solution to this problem.

This new platform is a cost-effective solution that pays for itself realistically within 2 to 3 years. This system can be fixed onto new or used vehicles for dramatically reducing the operational costs.

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How EchoDrive works?

Contrary to other existing solutions available on the market, EchoDrive doesn’t involve the costly replacement of the existing drivetrain. It works by adding energy to the current drivetrain. Another aspect of this system is that it integrates with the existing system and detects ways to implement its electrical energy for minimizing the use of fuel.

The modular battery packs enable choosing the proper battery size for a vehicle. this ensures that the drive cycle receives the appropriate power, thus reducing costs. The sophisticated lithium-ion batteries provide higher capacity in a smaller space. The EchoDrive battery packs are charged on the grid power, which is a clean and cheap source of energy. Overall, this helps this platform to enhance fuel efficiency by more than 50%.

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The leading capabilities of the Echocover design, propulsion, engineering, conversions, energy storage and consulting domains. The gamut of competence includes vehicle designing, aerodynamics designing, motor sourcing and selection, EV/HEV/PHEV controller development and much more. Echo is actively involved in vehicle development and system integration. It is also engaged in performing parallel hybrid conversions for enhancing overall fuel efficiency.


With rising fuel prices in the backdrop, Echo has become successful in developing solutions for companies by creating transportation platforms that can deliver economics of scale of the future. Echo works by developing deliverables for meeting the customized needs of their clients. This includes the management of segmented projects with different teams to consulting focused projects that use the know-how through the organization. In addition, Echo has a wider network of partners that can become involved when there is a demand.

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Best Features

The best feature about EchoDrive is that unlike other solutions available in the market, it doesn’t require replacing the current drive train. This significantly helps in reducing the overall costs considering the overall expenses that fleet owners would have to bear with other similar solutions. In addition, EchoDrive helps achieve over 50% fuel efficiency, which is again a highly beneficial feature for owners of large number of vehicles and even for individual vehicle owners. In other terms, this means that EchoDrive can help cut fleet fuel costs by more than half.

How EchoDrive Impacts the Environment?

EchoDrive can leave a dramatic effect on the environment as it can help enhance the fuel efficiency of vehicles by over 50%. When considering that this technology has been developed keeping in mind fleet owners, the impact on environment is going to be dramatic, as it would help reduce emissions significantly. This is something that is striking compared to the levels where reducing fuel costs by 50% is almost impossible.

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