What to do When You Cannot Access or Login to your Adsense Account

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If you are a Google Adsense publisher and not being able to sign in to your account, this tutorial is going to help you. People tend to think that their account has been banned if they are not being able to access their accounts even after 3 – 4 attempts, but that’s not true, entirely. If you are banned from Adsense, it will still get you signed in and instead of showing the normal reports page, it will serve a “Account Disabled” notice like the below screenshot:

Adsense account disabled(Click to enlarge)

If you don’t see such notices, it means that your account is still active. Now let’s focus on some other reasons that might be causing unsuccessful Adsense login attempts.

1. Forgotten your Login: Google sends you an approval mail once your Adsense account gets approved. Search your mailbox to find the email and get your login details from there. In case you can’t find that mail, use their login recovery form.

2. Forgotten Password: In case you have forgotten your password, use their password recovery form.

Adsense Login Problem

3. Forgotten both Login and Password: If you don’t login to Adsense account frequently and have forgotten the both login ID and password, the account recovery process gets though. Follow the below steps:

  • Apply for a new account with all the details that you had associated with the earlier account (e.g., name, address, website, phone number, etc.)
  • Adsense team will disapprove your application (since you have one active account with the given details) and will work with you by email to close the old account and activate the new one
  • You get the new account approved while your old account will get closed
  • Remember to replace all ad codes from your old account with the new one. All your earned revenue from the old account will be paid to you only if the unpaid earnings is or above than $10.

4. Login Information Correct, Still can’t Login: If you are sure that your login details are correct but the Adsense login system does not get you signed it, contact their support team for assistance.

If you need more information on Google Adsense sign in problems, refer to this Adsense help article.

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