Windows 7 Activation Crack (WGA Patch) Finally Released

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Windows 7 was officially released on October 22nd, but much before it’s release the trick to crack Windows 7 activation was leaked. And now an another breakthrough has been made by Hazar, the person who made the initial cracking trick possible. Hazar has developed a new crack tool called RemoveWAT and claims that this Windows 7 activation crack completely removes the WAT application from the system.


RemoveWAT is a Windows 7 crack that completely removes Windows Activation Technologies from the system so that users can validate the illegal pr pirate copies of Windows 7. After validating the copy, users will be able to enjoy Windows 7 on their systems, retaining genuine status. In this way users will be able to get all Windows 7 updates and they can even bypass the genuine check in Microsoft’s official tools such as Windows Defender.

Since RemoveWAT cracks the Windows 7 configuration and removes all instances of WAT from the user’s system, the Windows activation section will also be get removed from the Control Panel section. This is is first Windows 7 activation crack or WGA patch to be released as of now.

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10 Comments to Windows 7 Activation Crack (WGA Patch) Finally Released

  1. Where is the download link?? Really need it coz mine one already been blocked for the genuine advantage.. Thanks

  2. Microsoft has found a way to detect RemoveWAT 2.5 I get the warning message from MS after RemoveWAT installed

  3. some times piracy is good because most countries in africa cant get the original stuff to buy ,it is very rare to get if u come in contact it is very expensive triple the price,so thanks to the internet and some cool cracks haha

  4. I have downloaded and installed the program and it works great. The only thing is that my antivirus finds it and labels it as a trojan. When I try to add it to exclude list, I can’t find it. How can I eliminate this from happening?

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