Windows 7 Activation Crack Released Before it’s Official Release

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Windows 7 Ultimate activation crack has been released even before it’s official release, it might sound a bit funny, but it’s true. Windows 7 activation crack will activate Windows 7 activation procedures by bypassing genuine product key validation. This crack is called OEM SLP Master Product Key as I have mentioned in my earlier post about activating Windows 7 ultimate using OEM SLP master product key. It completely eliminates Windows Genuine Advantage verification procedures and you won’t face WGA issues ever again.

Windows 7 crack

This Windows 7 activation crack has been coded by some Hazar and is sized about just 175 KB.

Windows 7 Loader:


Another Windows 7 cracker is Windows 7Loader. It’s latest version is 7Loader Release 4 and is capable of activating Windows 7 ultimate version OS. It’s having a GUI that provides various options to customize the settings and crack Windows 7.

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24 Comments to Windows 7 Activation Crack Released Before it’s Official Release

  1. hi
    am bevis
    had window 7 over 6 month now and now am having a problem with this .
    i never have a trail windows now it asking me for the product key which i dont have. now i cant now do my church assignment on it
    if u can help please email me
    thanks bevis

  2. @Balaji: Since the cracks does not fall under our sharing categories, we have not provided a link to the same. However, you may Google it 😉

  3. hey plllllz can any one send me d activattion keys for windows 7 ultimate ….im gettin maaaaaaaaaad!!!…jus 4 days left product id is..00426-OEM-8992662–00497

  4. Many problem for WGA notice,, your side found with my friends, if you help for WGA creack-i pleasd to you. Thankyou-so mouch.

  5. Greetings,

    I bought a used laptop. Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit,

    The product key does not work. Do you have a useable key.

    Thanks, Ray

  6. I bought a used laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. The product key does not work. Do you have a useable key?

    Thanks, Ray

  7. hii there

    will u send me the activator for my windows 7 ultimate 32 bit, will be thankful to u ..


  8. metal god,i upgraded my original home basic to home premium using anytime upgrade.could u plz mail me the upgrade key of ultimate 64 bit and the procedure to upgrade it.waiting eagerly 4 ur xpert comment

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