Windows 7 Sidebar Gadgets are missing – How to bring them Back?

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After re-installing Windows 7 the Gadgets sidebar are all gone. Windows 7 and Vista offers a new feature of adding Gadgets like calendar or clock or CPU meter, picture slides, and many more on the desktop. But after making some changes on the system you find out that all the sidebar gadgets are missing. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to get Sidebar gadgets back on Windows 7 desktop.

Add gadgets Windows 7 desktop

The gadget lets you know the updated with the news gadgets or have sneak peak on the weather right from the desktop. There are various other gadgets available you can add them according to your need. If you are novice and unable to find Sidebar gadgets on your Windows due to some changes in the system disappearing the gadgets, then here is how you can get them back.

Steps to Add Sidebar Gadgets

As mentioned earlier, Windows Vista/7 comes with gadgets that can be accessed right from the desktop for your console. So, to add gadgets back to your Windows 7 desktop, perform the following steps

  • Click on Start orb > All Programs > Accessories > Windows Sidebar OR simply right click on the desktop and select gadgets from the context menu

windows sidebar

  • To add a particular gadget to the desktop, simply double click on the + sign at the top of the gadgets or just click the sidebar

That’s all you can have all the gadgets back on your desktop. For instance, if you opt for puzzle then double click on it and it will appear on the desktop.

If you want to add some other gadgets that are not available in there, you can go for online gadgets or say download gadgets online.

  • Open Microsoft gallery or click on Get Gadgets Online and this will open a list of gadgets
  • To download the gadgets, click on download button below the gadgets
  • Once you have downloaded, run it
  • Next, Install the gadget.

You can see the gadget added to the desktop very after the installation process.

Make sure that you don’t clutter your desktop with a lot of gadgets added to the sidebars. To remove gadgets from sidebars, simply click on the gadgets and click on exit.

This is how you can get back the sidebar gadgets back on your Windows 7. You need to keep the gadgets like weather, news, etc. updated, so  you need to have Internet Access.


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