Windows 8.1 – Enable Or Disable feature Let apps use my webcam

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Windows 8 comes with App store and many other pre-loaded Apps making OS and PC more customizing. There are certain Apps that use Webcam by default when needed. Windows 8 was developed for the use in PC and smartphone. To ease the users, certain Apps are allowed to access the Webcam when needed. Like Windows 8, the Windows 8.1 also comes with Apps that allows the access to Webcam. This is useful but not at every circumstances. There are users who might not be in favour of using webcam. Here is the tutorial how you can Turn On or Off the feature Let apps use my webcam in Windows 8.1.

windows 8.1enable disable let app use webcam

Windows 8.1 will be officially launched on October but the preview version is already surfaced and is available for installation and upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1. The feature Let apps use my webcam was also available in Windows 8. This feature seems to be useful for the Apps like People and Mail, calendar, etc. No doubt the webcam has brought the near and dear ones closer no matter how far you are from them but Apps enabling the Webcam whenever needed is not always favorable. To disable this feature we have come up with a tutorial about how to enable or disable Let apps use my webcam feature in new Windows 8.1.

How to Disable Let apps use my webcam feature in Windows 8.1

Here is how you can disable Webcam activation when needed or Apps are in use in Windows 8.1. Follow the steps described below. You can now manage the webcam functionalities or say when the webcam should be turned on.

  • Open charms bar using Win + C and go to Settings charm > Change PC Settings or press Windows + I to open PC settings directly
  • In the PC settings fly out, click on Privacy

Windows 8.1 Privacy webcam

  • Next, select Webcam that will show all the webcam control features
  • To the right of Webcam, beneath Webcam you can see an option Let apps use my webcam with a slider
  • To disable the feature of using Webcams by the Apps, simply drag the slider to the left (OFF) position. Once the feature is disabled all Webcam related options will be grayed out.

let apps use webcam windows 8.1

So, this is how you can manage the webcam to be enabled or disabled with the Apps. If you want the Apps to access the webcam on Windows, drag the slider towards right (ON) and the feature is enabled i.e. Apps can use the webcam when needed.

Hopefully the tutorial here helps you enable or disable the “Let apps use my webcam” feature in Windows 8.1.


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