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When you upgrade your system hardware or the motherboard and install your Windows 8 OS you might come across with some activation error or say Windows 8 can no longer be activated on the replaced system. Windows allows user to activate their copy of Windows OS using an activation number or a 25 digit product key accompanied with the OS. In some system, OS is activated upon connecting the system to Internet. But if you are unable to install Windows 8 using PC, the tutorial here will show you how to activate Windows OS using Phone.

activate windows 8 phone

Product key or activation code to activate Windows 8 generally verifies that Windows OS purchased hasn’t been used on more PCs than the Microsoft Software License Terms allow. If you make a clean install of your OS, then it asks for the product key to get activated online before it can be used. If online activation is not possible then you can activate your Windows 8 OS by phone.

The tutorial here illustrates how to activate Windows 8 by phone after installing it on the system. To perform the steps below, make sure you are signed in as an administrator to activate Windows 8 by phone.

Steps to Activate Windows 8 using Phone

  • Open Activate Windows flyout or Windows Activation window either by typing slui.exe 4 in RUN or in an elevated command prompt and hit enter. You can also use PC settings to open the same
  • Open PC settings using charms bar and click on Activate Windows option in the left pane

Activate W8 PC settings

  • Next, in the right pane, click on Contact customer support for help
  • From the drop down menu, select the nearest location to you for a toll free number to call followed by a click on next

Activate W8 by Phone

  • Upon prompted by UAC, click Yes to continue
  • Next, follow all instructions on the screen and phone
  • Call the nearest location toll free activation phone number
  • Upon asked for ID numbers, enter using your phone keypad
  • Now, you receive the confirmation ID numbers over phone. Enter the numbers in the “Windows Activation” wizard on PC
  • When done, click on Activate button.

windows 8 activation

You will be notified upon successful activation. If not, you will be informed about the failing activation and you will be transferred to a Microsoft Activation Team operator automatically and help you activate your copy of Window 8.
That’s all. Now whenever Windows 8 cannot be activated online, then follow the steps described in this tutorial to Activate your copy of Windows 8 by Phone.


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