Windows 8 apps fails to start – How to Fix it?

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Windows 8 accompanies many new and interesting features for users. The Windows 8 App store avails many Apps to customize Windows. But many users out there must have faced problems upon loading or launching the App. The tutorial here lists some troubleshooting tips to fix Store Apps that won’t open from start screen.

Fix windows 8 apps

The Windows Apps fail to open and moreover doesn’t show any errors or alert getting users into confusion whether it is preparing to open or not. You can try out the troubleshooting steps described below.

Restart your PC

Whenever you double click on App to open it but it fails to do so, then restart Windows and try to launch them again. Restarting system resolves many computer issues.

Check Display Resolution

The minimum display resolution to run or open any app is 1024×768. Less the minimal value will not allow the Apps to open rather displays message prompting your screen resolution is too low for the app to run.
To get rid of this, in Windows 8 Start Screen type in Resolution. Next click on Settings search category and go to Adjust screen resolution option. This will get you to a screen where you can change the display resolution settings for Windows.

Enable UAC (User Account Control) in Windows 8

If UAC is disabled on your system, Apps fail to start. To enable UAC, type User Account Control on Start Screen. From the results displayed, click on Settings. Next, open Change User Account Control Settings option and you are enabled to a screen where you can select the User Account Control level

enable uac

Install latest video drivers

Outdated video drivers might also cause the Apps to not open. Install latest drivers. This also increases performance of your system on the whole.

You can update video drivers, first you need to determine the type of video card installed in your system and download the latest version from the manufacturers web site.

Restore Windows 8

Undo all changes made recently as it has been found that installing 3rd party utility tool to customize Windows 8 might corrupt Windows Registry or set values that are invalid for Windows. Or restore OS where it worked completely fine.

Refresh Windows 8

Final resort is to refresh Windows 8. This will reinstall Windows 8 completely without risking your data and personal account settings on the system.

Upon using the Troubleshooting steps described above you can hopefully open your Windows 8 Apps without much hassle and start using Windows 8 apps.


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