Windows 8: Automatically Change Lock Screen Wallpaper

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As already mentioned in the earlier posts of Windows 8, Microsoft has brought out many changes in the new OS that are different from the earlier versions of Windows Operating System. One of the added features in Windows 8 is the lock screen. This feature is locks the screen and unlocked by pressing enter key at the lock screen to get to the log in screen or user account. However this post is all about customizing your lock screen i.e. changing the wallpaper of the lock screen automatically.

change lockscreen background

Microsoft has a default search engine built in the Windows 8 named as Bing. The Bing App is the default search and whenever you launch the App you get to see a new background image every day. Those back ground wallpapers can be set as your Windows 8 lock screen wallpaper. Follow the tutorial how you can change the lock screen background automatically.

  • Go to Apps tile and open bing app from Start Screen in Windows 8.
  • Right-click anywhere in the app and select the option – Set as Lock screen.

set lockscreen

  • The lock screen wallpaper will be changed with the image as that in the bing wallpaper
  • In case you don’t like the new lock screen and want to restore it to the default one. Go to charms bar (Windows Key + C) > settings > Change PC Settings. Navigate to lock screen and right-click on the current lock screen and select Revert to Default.

settings charmsbar win8

The step discussed above is how to set the wallpaper manually and you have to repeat the same every day to get new wallpaper for your lock screen. This is a somehow tiring. Here is the tutorial how you can set the wallpaper automatically by using the third-party windows 8 lock screen apps.

Bing my Lock screen is a Windows 8 lock screen app that allows you to set the background image automatically. To start with the program, Go to windows store from metro screen and search for this app and launch it. Firstly, you need to install it and open it from your start screen. Next, configure this app to find latest image from Bing HomePage and accordingly set it as lock screen automatically every day. Bing my Lock screen app shows about 8 latest images from Bing homepage. It runs in the background automatically after having run the app once.

Bing my Lock screen win8

An alternate window 8 App to have different wallpaper on your lock screen is Chameleon. Look for the App in Windows 8 App store. This App brings out different wallpapers by searching them from several sources including Photo of the day from Bing. This App also allows you to change the wallpaper at a set time intervals i.e. you can change the wallpaper with intervals like 15mins, daily basis, etc.

windows 8 chameleon app

You can also add your images in the pictures library so that you can use them as your lock screen wallpaper. Simply search for the App, install and run it. Configure it as you want to. Once run, this will automatically run in background and set the lock screen automatically.

There are other lock screen related windows 8 apps present in the Windows store. You just need to search for lock screen in windows store. By using the Apps you can easily change the lock screen Wallpaper automatically.


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