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Many users use multiple languages to write in Computer, if you are among them who regularly need to type in multiple languages in Windows or if you are a beginner and want to operate your system in your own native language, then here is the tutorial how to change input languages to your keyboard in windows 8 in an easy way. Microsoft avails language packs for Windows 8 users that provides translated version of menu items, boxes and help content.

change Input Language in Windows 8

Even if you are running the latest version of Windows operating system, the language packs can’t be downloaded directly from Microsoft servers. You can install language packs from Windows 8 language control panel only.

How to download and install Windows 8 language packs?

  • Open Control Panel either from the start screen tile or press Windows key + R to open the Run box and type in control.exe and hit enter key
  • On the Control Panel window, go to Clock, Language, and Region or enter System and Security and select clock, language and Region

download and install windows 8 language packs

  • Click on Add a language to open Change your to change the default input language that is US Englishlanguage preferences window
  • Next, click on Add a language button present on the toolbar. You will see the list of supported language packs. Browse or search the list, select the language that you want to install and then click or tap Add button

install windows 8 language packs

  • Again, switch to change your language preferences window, click or tap on Options next the newly added language pack. If the language opted by you is available, then you will see a Download and install language pack link

download and install language packs links

  • Click on Download and install language pack link to start downloading the selected language pack. The downloading may take a while as it depends upon the size of the language pack

start download and install language packs

  • Once the language pack is downloaded and the installation is done, you will get “Windows display language available” next to the language. To set the desired new language as your display language, simply select the language and then drag it to the top of the list using the Move Up button positioned on toolbar

new language added

  • Finally, Reboot your Windows 8 system and you will get the new language on the display.

However, this language pack is only for adding an input language, which will enable you to type in the selected language and does not change your user interface language.

So, now you can enjoy multiple language writing options in Windows 8 by simply installing language packs.


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