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Parental controls allow you to monitor your computer to ensure security from restricted or improper Internet stuffs. This enables you to restrict certain websites that you believe to be improper. Computer is used by parents as well as children’s. There are many improper stuffs trolling over Internet. However parental control allows you to block the access to the site. However, parental Control is not a new feature in Windows 8. Here is the tutorial how to configure parental controls in Windows 8.

Configure Parental controls windows8

Parental control setup was inbuilt feature in Windows Vista and 7 as well except for the addition of Windows Store in the filtering list as in case of Windows 8. This provides safety for your children by setting restrictions on the type of website they surf or time they spend on the computer and other such settings. To avoid harmful websites or prevent them from wasting their time browsing Internet, you can set up parental controls in your Windows 8 computer.

Set up Parental Control in Windows 8

The best way to restrict children from browsing Internet is by creating a new Windows user account for the child. To create a new user account, press Windows key+C to open Charm Settings and click on the option Change PC Settings to open Windows 8 Modern Settings

Open Windows Modern PC Settings and select option Add a user from the User section. When you create a new account, just put a check on the option to mark the account as child account

create new account

Once you are done with account creation, open Windows Control Panel and then open Family Safety. Under family safety, select on the account that you would like to configure and proceed.

You can access Parental Controls from Metro search screen and type in Parental and click Set Up Family Safety for Any User.

Setting Parental ControlsAfter enabling Parental Controls, you can access it from the Desktop. Click on the kids’ account where you want to set Parental Controls.

add user

Always make sure Family Safety is set to on. Now start with how your child can use the PC that is you have to configure some of the settings like Web Filtering, Time Limit, App restriction and, Windows Store and game restrictions.

Web Filtering allows you to set up rules on what your kids can view online. You can select it basing on your kids’ age. If you want them to access certain sites, select the Allow List Only. Another setting that is pretty wise for younger kids is to Block File Downloads, this way you can also keep your system virus free.

kid account setup

This feature allows you to limit sites. Setup the settings depending upon the age and trust factor that you have on your kids and what you think to be appropriate. All Parental Control settings block Adult-themed content.

Type in name of sites that you want your kids to visit or block. By this when your kid tries to browse a site that not allowed, they’ll get the prompt The Page is Blocked and if they click the Ask for Permission button, the system sends you an email of the site and asks your Permission whether you want to approve it or not. Else they can check out other child friendly sites if you don’t approve it or you are not at work.

ask permission family safety

Time Limits is another feature that enables you to set the times of day they can use the computer. By this you can schedule the times of day your kids can access the PC. If they try to access the PC at a time that isn’t allowed, they get a prompt Time up. If they want more time, they will need your permission.

Time Range

Windows Store, Games and Apps Restrictions also allows you to decide the type of games and other Windows Store content your kids can access. Using these features you can block or allow specific games installed on your system. You can block or allow it basing on the game ratings that are appropriate for your kids and block the ones that have no rating.

game app store restriction

This also provides the ability to block certain apps installed on your system. Unlike the previous versions of Windows which require Windows Live Family Safety to be installed first in order to manage web filtering. But, in Windows 8 it is already pre-installed. In addition to this you will also find a new setting that enables you to enforce restrictions on Windows Store apps and games as well. By doing this you can ensure that your kid aren’t downloading apps and games that are not suitable at that age or inappropriate.

The Parental controls settings are similar to that of the earlier versions of Windows OS that is Windows 7 and Vista. As an additional feature you can also view all the activities carried out on Internet.

So upon following the tutorial you get to know how you can set up parental control in Windows 8. This is the best way to monitor your kids from wasting lot of time on Computer or Internet and also block access to harmful websites.


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