Windows 8: Display Full path of a location in Explorer title bar

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If you are a Windows 8 user you might have noticed that the windows explorer’s title bar doesn’t show the full path of the location you are in. While the complete path or full path or URL of a location can be seen in the earlier versions of Windows OS. With the advent of Windows 8 it has become the more talked about due to variations and features in the new OS. There are many changes made in the OS, one of them is the reduced path name or URL of the current location. The full path or the URL may not be something that very important but still it is important. Here is the tutorial how you can get back the full path or URL of a location or folder in Windows Explorer’s title bar.

show full path windows explorer windows8

By now you all might have seen the new interface and features of Windows 8 that are quite different from the previous versions. Previously, the explorer title bar shows the full path of the location, but Windows 8 doesn’t or say the URL is cut short. Many users prefer to view where they are actually in the computer which can be easily viewed from the explorer title bar. For instance say, if you are accessing folder name Windows in C drive, the URL shown in Windows explorer title bar is C:\Windows, whereas in Windows 8 it is simply represented by Windows in the title bar.

windows explorer title bar

Microsoft has brought out this change to make the title bar look cleaner. Though the feature is not that important but it is still useful for many users. So, here is how you can get the full path of your location in Windows 8 explorer title bar.

Show Full Path of a location in Windows 8 Explorer

  • At first, get to the Windows Explorer either open Computer or any folder
  • Next, click on the View tab on the ribbon. You can spot the big Options button present at the very right of the ribbon and simply click on it to open Folder Options

windows8 explorer title bar

  • Under the Folder Options window, you need to select the View tab. A long list of options appears on clicking it; from there you can apply any options to Windows Explorer. The option to view the full path in the title bar is Display the full path in the title bar

display full path folder option windows8

  • Click to check the box and hit OK button to apply the change to your folders.

Now you can try opening another explorer and there you can see the full path or URL and get to know where the folders are actually residing on your computer or the location of the particular folder in the explorer title bar.

Upon following the steps described above you can get back the full path in the title bar of your Windows 8 computer as same as in case of the earlier versions of Windows OS.


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