Windows 8 : Enable (Add) or Disable (Remove) Lock from User Tile Menu

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As already discussed, Windows 8 comes with various new features for better and smooth functioning as compared to its earlier versions. The start screen, lock screen, Windows App store and many other features have attracted a lot of users attention. If you are a Windows 8 user then you must have seen the Lock option in the user tile menu on the Start screen for all users in right hand side corner of Windows 8 screen. There might be users out there who may not be willing to have the Lock screen or vice-versa. Here is the tutorial how you can Add or Remove Lock from the User Tile Menu in Windows 8.

Enable Disable Lock User Tile Menu windows 8

Generally, you can view the user tile menu from the Start screen. Below are the steps that will help you enable or disable the Lock from the User Tile Menu in Windows 8. But, to be able to accomplish the steps make sure you are signed in as an administrator or with administrative privileges.

Steps to Enable (Add) or Disable (Remove) Lock from the User Tile Menu in Windows 8.

  • Open Control Panel from the start screen or Press Windows key + C to open charm bar and select search charm and type control panel. Open it in icons view and select the Power Options icon
  • In power options to the left pane, click on the link Choose what the power buttons do

choose power buttons

  • Next, click to open the link Change settings that are currently unavailable

change settingsthat currently unavailable

  • Upon prompted by UAC, click on Yes.
  • Now, if you want to show or Add “Lock” to User Tile Menu (which is a default setting)
  • In Shutdown settings, check the Lock box and Save Changes. In case, you find that the Shutdown settings are not listed, then you need to repeat the steps by enabling the hibernate option

lock settings

  • If you want to disable or remove “Lock” from User Tile Menu, in Shutdown settings, simply uncheck the Lock box, and hit Save Changes button to apply the changes.

Once you have completed the steps for your desired preference, you can close the Power Options window. Now, open user tile and you might see the lock missing from there or based upon your settings changes.

Upon following the tutorial above you can Enable (Add) or Disable (Remove) Lock from the User Tile Menu in Windows 8.


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